Storms and Being Caught Buck Naked

Today, two things kept me from being in my most favorite state of undress.

The first one was the sudden appearance of my son, DIL, and their little boy.  Now this is going to sound strange to you perhaps, but what caused me to quickly scramble for my shorts was not the DIL, but my son.  The DIL is fine with naturism and is going with us to our local naturist club in a couple of weeks.  My son is all freaked out about it.  I don’t really give a rip who sees me naked except for two things.  One, will it get me arrested, I hate those laws, and two, is it going to embarrass the other person.

Not wanting to embarrass my son caused me to look like someone caught doing something he shouldn’t.  Afterward, I thought about it and wondered if it was worth saving his sensibilities for my comfort.  Not that I would stay nude, but I didn’t have to practically break my neck trying to get my shorts on either!  If he saw me, he saw me.

The other thing was we had a huge thunder storm.  My wife called from work and said she had told our daughter, who also lives locally, that if she needed a safe place to go for the storm, she could come to our house.  Our daughter does not know about our naturism and has some body shame issues.  She is married to a really nice guy who has huge body shame issues.

When I heard she might be coming up, I put the shorts back on.  She never showed and i spent about three hours sweating in the heat and humidity for nothing.

Wouldn’t it be easier if non-sexual nudity was no big deal?  I mean,  people rutting like animals in public is not a good idea, but that is not what being a naturist is all about.  Naturism is about being nude in a non-sexual way with other people.  Well, it’s a lot more than that, but for now that will do it.

What do you think? Do you ever go nude in your home or in your yard?  Ever been caught?  Tell us about it!


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