Welcome To Vegannakedpagan

Well, here we both are.  I’m starting a blog that I never thought I would start and you’re reading it because you stumbled across it and wondering what the hell this is all about.

Vegannakedpagan is about changes.  I’m a guy that has made many changes in the past and hope to make a bunch more before the lights go out.  Some of them have been fun and some of them have been, well, not so fun.

I plan on writing about what’s going on in my world and the world at large.  I plan on pulling no punches and telling it exactly as I think it is.

As the title suggests, three of my favorite topics will be being vegan, a naturist, and a pagan.  If you don’t like those categories, then tough shit, don’t come back.  If you do like them or want to know more about them, then come back or sign up to subscribe.

Leave a comment.  I’m not afraid of comments that don’t agree with me, but be warned, if I think you’re an ass, I will delete them!  Not because I’m afraid of some criticism, but if it doesn’t help, then I don’t want it to hurt.

Thanks for stopping by.


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