Why Am I Vegan?

I have to preface this post with saying that I have only been vegan, as of this writing, for not quite three weeks.  I’m such a newbie that I get lost in the health section of the grocery store.  I thought hemp seeds were something you picked out of your new bag of pot!

I became a vegan due to several factors.  The first is that my DIL (daughter-in-law) has been vegan for over two years and she has raised her son vegan since he was weaned. (Check out this post on breastfeeding)  Now this kid is as healthy as any little bugger you would ever want to see.  I had my doubts at first, but I can’t argue with my eyes.

The second reason is I watched the movie, “Forks Over Knives.”  Now before you go all bat-shit crazy on me thinking you don’t want to see some movie preaching about vegans, it isn’t like that.  The movie, basically, just lays out a few studies done on the amount of cancer and heart disease in meat eating cultures versus plant based diet cultures.  Then they let you make your own decision.

I was never going to be vegetarian, let alone vegan.  I like meat, but more than that, I love dairy and eggs.  There is nothing better, or was, than a good grilled cheese sandwich.  Maybe with a fried egg.

My son is a bigger carnivore than I am and after watching the movie, he decided to become “mostly vegan.”  I was actually depressed at his decision.  Who was going to be my meat buddy?  My wife never has been a big meat eater.

I figured I wanted to know what the hell this movie was all about.  It must put subliminal messages into people’s brains!  It was a conspiracy by alien invaders.  Becoming vegan was worse than the proverbial anal probe!

I watched the movie and was convinced.  I didn’t even need the anal probe.  My last physical told me I’m thirty pound over weight, high cholesterol, high triglycerides,, high blood pressure, and some other scary stuff.  I need to go get measured for a casket!

I did some research and found that there are some fairly healthy people who are vegan. Body builders are vegan.  Runners are vegan.  Fighters are Vegan.  So I guess this old fart who just wants to get back into some sort of shape can be vegan too.

A lot of people become vegan because of animal rights.  It ain’t me.  No I don’t want to see animals suffer in factory farms and any one who watches videos like this one will probably agree that factory farming isn’t right.  Even so, I didn’t do it for old bossy.  I did it for me.

If you’re a vegan, tell us why.  If you aren’t and think it’s the stupidest thing you ever heard of, tell us why.


P.S. none of the links are affiliate links. I won’t make a dime if you click on any of the links and you won’t be charged or asked for your email or circumcision date.  This might not always be true, but it is now.

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