Three Reasons A Vegan Naturist Likes Being Home

I’m home now.  I actually came home on Monday, but things have been a bit hectic even though I am supposed to be taking it easy.

The first thing that I am really enjoying is the food.  I wrote earlier how the food at the hospital was not what a vegan would want.  Now I’m not complaining about the quality of what I was given, what I could eat tasted good.  It’s just that much of it was not vegan.

Since I’ve been home, I have been back to cooking good wholesome vegan meals.  Last night was a artichoke, walnut, kalamata olive, and sun dried tomato thing over penne.  It is so nice to not have my vegetables cooked to mush and having spices and flavor in the food!

The second thing I have really appreciated was sleeping in the nude once again.  For those of you who are pajama wearers, I just don’t know how you do it.  When I have to wear pajamas, or in the case of the hospital, a gown, the thing gets all twisted around as I sleep.  I wake up with the pajamas twisted and bunched in some of the most uncomfortable places!  I once had a dream I was being slowly choked to death by a huge amazonian anaconda only to wake and find I was strangling myself with my own pj’s!

Okay, so maybe that last part was a bit of an exaggeration, but I could have!

The point is, pajamas are dangerous, at least for me.  A person could die wearing those damned things!  If you’re a pj wearer, I highly suggest you give sleeping nude a try.  The feel of your skin on those cool sheets,  the ability to turn in your sleep without restricting blood flow to vital body parts is well worth it!

Thirdly, I enjoy cooking in the raw.  No, not raw cooking, that would be an oxymoron.  I enjoy cooking wearing my apron.  See this post as to why.  I am much happier cooking in my one button suit than not.  I don’t know, it just gives me a sense of freedom in the kitchen.  Give it a try.

The worst part about being home is the fact that I now feel really good, but am unable to do much.  I can’t drive, or am not supposed to.  I can’t lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk (that would be non-dairy milk, mind you).  What I can do is lay on the couch and watch movies or write.  That only goes so far!

Hey, you can’t send me a get well card, how about dropping me a comment.  Tell me your funniest sleeping or cooking naked story.  You can use a different name to protect the innocent.  Well, come on, we both know you aren’t that innocent.


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