PETA Uses Sex To Sell!

SEX!  It seems it’s on everybody’s mind.  As a naturist, I try not to look at the human body as just some sex toy.  Now I have to say that any naturist who says they don’t think about sex in a place where there are mixed genders naked is lying.  We all think about sex.  THe naturist is simply able to see something other than sex when they see someone naked.

Okay, so why are we so hung up on sex.  I recently saw a video, I honestly don’t remember which one, that said our two basic primal instincts are food and sex.  For most males, that order is reversed, but they are still the two main ones.

So that’s why sex sells!  I wondered.  No, I really didn’t, I knew.

Anyway, PETA, the organization for the prevention of cruelty to animals has put out some pretty, in my  opinion, humorous ads.  They are a little sexist perhaps, and somewhat bawdy, but I think they’re funny.

Here’s one of my favorites.

So what did you think?  Was that funny or not.  Do you think it right to use sex to sell something you think is important?

I will say, as delicately as I can, that since I have become vegan, I have seen an increase in energy and, well, things do rise to the occasion better.  This is good news for an old guy like me!  It makes me wonder if ED isn’t more a condition of clogged arteries and low energy due to poor eating habits than it is age.  I certainly hope so.

Do you have a story of increased stamina, no, it doesn’t have to be sexual, since you have become vegan?  Come on, tell us all about it!


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