Walking Around Naked Again

Yesterday was our first visit to our local nudist/naturist resort this summer.  I say local, but it takes us about an hour and a half to get there.  We were supposed to take a young friend with us.  The idea was to get her and her husband interested in being naturist, but she got sick instead.  Bummer!

Still, it felt good to be walking around naked again.

Well, I walk around naked most of the time in my house, but that’s not the same as outdoors with other nekkid people.  Those of you who are not naturists cannot understand the attraction, I suppose.  People are generally friendlier and there is no class distinction.  You have no idea if you are talking to a millionaire, or someone on welfare.

There is also a freedom to be just who you are.  No one knows if you have money or not or if you are a professional.  They just know you are friendly or not and what you tell them.  If that ain’t freedom, I don’t know what is!

I was disappointed that our young friend couldn’t make it.  She and her husband are in their thirties and are somewhat interested, her more than him.  We were hoping to take her along, as he had to work, to introduce her.  She has been really excited about going until she got sick.

The thing is, if young people are not introduced to being naturist, then its only old people.  I know, I’m old, but I don’t feel it.  I want someone to throw the Frisbee with, or play paddle ball.  Sitting by the pool talking and going for the occasional cool off swim is nice, but I get a little bored after a while.

I get burned too.

Yesterday, my wife, who is on the go constantly, wanted to veg a while so I wound up talking to some folks by the pool.  The thing is, you can’t very well just roll over in the middle of a conversation.  It’s rude.  It’s like turning your back.  Well, you are turning your back, your whole back, butt and all.  If that ain’t rude, what is?

So…I sat there for about two hours without turning over and got my front burned.  It isn’t that bad and will be completely gone by tomorrow, but it was more than I wanted or usually get.

If you’ve ever thought about trying out nudism/naturism, I suggest you find a club close to you and give it a try.  Many clubs offer discounts for the first visit.  You might think you could never take your clothes off in front of other people, but believe me. after about ten minutes, you don’t even notice everyone is nude.  I know that might be hard to believe, but it is the honest truth.  It becomes very natural being nude.

If you are under the age of thirty-five, the worst part will be not having a million folks come up to talk to you they will be so glad to have a young person.  Just smile and enjoy the attention.

Have you ever gone to a nudist/naturist club?  Have you ever skinny-dipped?  Was it fun?  Tell us all about it!


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