Back From Vacation

I’ve been gone on vacation.  My wife and I went to Michigan, where we lived for about eighteen years.  We had a great time laying on the beach, something our area of New York does not have.

Being vegan while traveling is not the easiest thing to do.  For one thing, finding a restaurant that serves food you will eat can be hard.  I know you probably already know this, but Bob Evans, is not real vegan friendly.

Yeah, I know, I should have just stopped at a Hormel packing plant and tried to get vegan food, right?  One of the few things I could order was pancakes.  Yes, I know they were probably made with milk.  I figured it was about as close as I was going to get.  When the waiter asked what meat I wanted and I said none, I thought he was going to call the goon squad on me.  I could see him sizing me up for a straight jacket!  No meat?  Are you communist or something?

Markets aren’t the easiest thing to find either.  Sure there’s a market around, but do they sell anything other than standard American fare?  The Meijers grocery store near the park where we were had a few items, but you really had to hunt for what you wanted.  I went to the health food aisle and was amused to see four shelves high and about ten feet long.  Boy, what a selection! Not!

We did manage to eat fairly well and didn’t have to compromise and go back to the dark side.

You know I can hardly go a post without saying something about my naturist tendencies!

Have you ever thought how stupid bathing suits are?  I mean, they don’t hide much of anything.  If you are worried about being out of shape or not having the body you wish you did, a bathing suit does nothing to make you look better!  If anything, you look worse!

I watched people playing in the water and dealing with their suits.  There were girls tugging here and there making sure that the parts that were supposed to stay up, stayed up, and the parts that were supposed to stay down, stayed down.  There were guys trying to look cool while they had a bunch of material shoved up into uncomfortable places by the last wave or trying to get sand out of places where sand shouldn’t be.

I kept thinking that if all those people could just get over their body issues and shame, they would be a lot more comfortable nude.  They sure as hell couldn’t look any worse!  Having seen overweight flabby people both in the nude and in bathing suits, I have to say that the suit does nothing to help in how they look.

Well, anyway, I’m home now and should be posting more often.  Let me know how you have experienced vacations as a vegan, or if you have had similar thoughts about bathing attire.


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