Nude Recreation Week

This is nude recreation week.  You may not have known that, but if you are a naturist/nudist like I am, then you do know.  Maybe you knew anyway.  Maybe you knew and really wanted to join in the fun!

If you are like may people out there, the thought of going naked is something that is a bit scary and a bit exciting.  You may remember back to childhood days when you went skinny dipping or ran naked through the living room or back yard.  Maybe it was a dare to strip down and streak somewhere.

Most of us have had those experiences.

Now that you’re all grown up, you don’t go naked anymore.  Why, it’s just not done!  Well here’s a shock,; yes it is done.

There are perhaps millions of people, I don’t have the exact numbers, that enjoy nude recreation.  Getting naked with others and enjoying a swim or a game of some sort is not just some risky adventure, it is a frequent thing.

I have been on nude beaches where there were thousands of people.  I have been to a club where there were so many people around the pool it was hard to find a place to sit.  Forget about swimming!

If you are one of those uptight people who think that nudists all get together to have an orgy, let me say right here that I have never once been invited to an orgy or seen one.


Ah well, the wife would probably object to my joining in in anyway.

Most nudist/naturist clubs are affiliated either with the American Association of Nude Recreation, or the Naturist Society.  Quite a few of them belong to both.   These organizations require a family type atmosphere if you are to be associated with them.  No open sex or any of that sort of thing.  Most nudists don’t want that kind of activity anyway.  That isn’t what it’s all about.

The naturist movement started just before the turn of the century.  That’s from the 1800’s to the 1900’s.  It started in Europe as a means to health and vitality.  Many nudists/naturists still hold to that idea.

This is your big chance!  This week, find out where a nudist/naturist club is near you and go.  I can almost guarantee that you will love it.  The sense of freedom and the loss of cultural and body stigma is well worth it.  Don’t’ chicken out!  This is Nude Recreation Week!


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