Do You Fartlek In Public?

This morning I was feeling kinda bloated, but after a good thirty minute fartlek, I felt much better!

Do you fatlek in public?

Seriously, fartlekking is a type of training.  Fartlek is a Swedish word that means something like” speed play.”  It means that your vary your running, or walking, significantly.  You may run full out for a minute and then walk for two, the full out again, then walk.  You get the idea.

This morning, I ran as hard as I could until I could hardly breathe, and then walked until I could breathe and my heart no longer felt like it was seizing up anymore.  It might sound terrible, but it actually felt pretty good!

On another note, well…sort of, My wife and I have noticed that since we became vegans, we have a lot more…gas.  Since I work at home, this isn’t a problem for me.  I just let ‘er rip when ever I feel the urge.  I know it’s a guy thing.

My wife, unfortunately, works in a bank and is surrounded by other people.  Letting out a green fog of gas that is similar to the scene from Cecil Be DeMille’s “Ten Commandments” is not cool!  So instead, she sits there trying not to fart and her stomach is singing a aria from some internal opera.

Vegan eating does have it’s challenges and this is one of them that we find, sometimes, hard to deal with.

Fartlekking is not so hard, at least the running kind.

Do you fartlek in public?


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