Why I Don’t Like Clothing Optional

In just a few more days, my wife and I are heading out to a club we have never visited before.  It’s Bare Oaks, in Ontario Canada.  One of the things that made us pick this spot to spend a week is that it is not clothing optional.

So many “nudist” clubs today are clothing optional, meaning you don’t have to be naked unless you want to go swimming.  No suits in the pool!  The problems with clothing optional are many as far as I am concerned and far out weigh the problems with a nudity expected type of club.

The point of nudism, or naturism, is enjoying nature while nude.  It’s also about being confident enough in who we are to not feel body shame.  We know we don’t look like super models and we don’t care.  

Actually, we know that super models don’t look like super models either.

Sure, it’s about being around other like minded people, but, at least for us, it’s about being outside in the sunshine and the breeze without clothes.  It’s about self confidence.

If that’s true for most nudists, then why would they want to be clothed.  Sounds sort of silly doesn’t it.  I think, in reality, those who remain clothed, or partially clothed still have some body shame issues.  They are afraid they don’t measure up.

Well, depending on your outlook, they don’t measure up, or they do.

If you think that the whole super model thing is true then they don’t measure up.  The thing is, no one does, not even the super models.  All those pictures you see have been touched up to remove blemishes or places that don’t look like the “ideal” body.  So no, they don’t measure up and since no one really does, who cares?

If you know that the super model “ideal body” is a lie, then you understand that there is no such thing a s a perfect body.  There is nothing to measure up to!

The club that we go to locally, is clothing optional.

We wouldn’t go there if there was another choice close by.

When you walk in, all the staff are clothed.  Right away you begin to wonder who is the pervert here.  Is it you, because you want to get naked.  Is it them, because they aren’t but they work in a place where they can see naked people.

You go outside and you see many people just like you, completely nude and there are others who aren’t.  You begin to wonder if you really shouldn’t be showing “those bits” out here in public.  Maybe those people are right!

When you get to the pool area, there are lots of naked people.  Remember that there is a no suit rule.  If you use the pool, you go nude.  Then you notice that there are some clothed guys sitting up on the deck watching the pool activity.

My wife and I call it the perv gallery.  They’re dressed and watching very intently all the naked, well the female naked flesh down at the pool.  It makes my wife very uncomfortable.  It makes me want to go stand right in front of them, no more than three feet away, and ask if they are seeing everything they had hoped.

At a club where nudity is expected, those guys would be asked to leave.

At a club where nudity is expected, you wouldn’t wonder if you weren’t supposed to show “those bits.”  Everyone is showing those bits.

At least at Bare Oaks, the staff is nude too.  You know right away that this is a place where you are supposed to be naked.  It takes all the decisions down to one.  Do I get naked or not and leave.  You don’t have to decide if you keep your pants, keep your shirt, or what.  I either strip or leave.

Here’s a very old video on nudism.  It’s really more soft porn than anything, and is somewhat humorous here and there.  It does support the idea that everyone should be young and beautiful if they are going to be a nudist.  If you listen, the narrator says the right things about body acceptance and so on, he just doesn’t really believe it.  Here’s the video


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