Lughnasadh And Feeling At Home

Last Friday night, we celebrated Lughnasadh.  Lughnasadh is a first harvest celebration.  It reminds us that, even in the fullness of summer, the winter is approaching.  This is true in the harvest of food, but it is also true in our lives.  Even in the prime of your life, you are heading toward death.

I know, that sounds terrible!

We invited some friends over and the came to celebrate with us.  They were friends from the same denomination we belonged to as Christians.  They have also left the church and are searching for a sense of belonging.

They sent us a card, thanking us and it touched me.

The woman, who wrote the card for them, said that she felt a sense of belonging and community that she had not felt before.  She commented on the words used in the celebration and how she appreciated being reminded how we are all tied to the earth and to the seasons.

I think we need that sort of reminder from time to time.

We get so caught up in our lives and the business of the day that we forget that there is more to life than email and apps.  We are connected to the seasons, to the earth, the moon, the stars.  We are connected to this whole wonderful universe.

I’m not much of a real pagan, if there is such a thing.  I don’t watch for faeries and I don’t do spells.  What I do is see the Infinite Spirit in the simple things of life.  I see God in the squirrel working diligently to put away as many nuts from the black walnut tree across the street as he can.  I see Goddess in the blossoming flowers that soon will wither and die, dropping their seeds for next year.

So many of us have lost sight of these things and it is good to be reminded of them.   Without that reminder, we tend to feel disconnected and alone.  I mean really, who wants that?


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