Once A Nudist, Always A Nudist

My wife and I are spending a week camping at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Resort.  It is a wonderful place and the first time that we have spent this long among those weird nudist types.

Just to be clear, I prefer to call myself a naturist, but people get so confused as to what that means.  Many think it is synonymous with naturalist.  It isn’t!  A Naturalist is concerned about nature and studies it.  They are the tree huggers.  Now naturists appreciate nature as well, but there ain’t no way I’m hugging a tree dressed the way I am right now.  It would have to have very smooth bark for me to even think about it.

Anyway, we have been naturists/nudists, for a couple of years, but we have moved into it slowly.  This is the first real foray into it and, speaking for myself, I just love it!  It is so freeing and gives me a sense of being one with nature and those around me.  The other night, we sat looking at the stars with some new friends we have made and it was a magical moment!  I hadn’t even had any Scotch.  Well, not much!

I will always be a nudist!

I can’t really explain to you the feelings I have.  It is not something that is easily described.  It is better experienced.  I suggest you go for it.  Find a resort or camp, or even a nude beach.  Enjoy the sunshine and the breeze on your skin.  Go swimming if there is someplace to do that and enjoy the feeling of the water gliding over your skin in such a way that it never can wearing a suit.

You may think you never could do such a thing or that it is immoral.

It isn’t either.  If you go to a club that is AANR approved, that’s the American Association for Nude Recreation, then there will be no hanky panky.  Anyone caught acting in a way that is not compatible with a family oriented place will be asked to leave and not come back.  It is safe!

Taking your clothes off is simple.  You do it at least once a day every day.  There are buttons and zippers to be used, but I’m betting that you can handle those.

Once you try being a nudist, I would be willing to bet you will always be a nudist!


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