Doing Naked Yoga

While here at Bare Oaks, my wife and I attended a yoga class.  I teach yoga and it is always nice to see how someone else teaches and perhaps learn something new.  What I really wanted to know was about doing naked yoga.

I have read so many comments and heard personally from people saying that they could never do yoga in the nude.  Especially in a mixed gender setting.  I will tell you here and now that it is a non-issue.  At least for me and I think everyone else in the class I attended.

There was no staring at other people’s bits!

Everyone seems to be of the opinion that if you do naked yoga, you will have a spectacular view of anatomical parts that usually are not seen in public.  There will be tits hanging and bottoms prevalent, penises and balls galore.

I’m sure that was the case, but I was so involved in doing my posture, breathing, and just staying alive that I had no time or even desire to see if it were true.

Sitting at my camp site right now, I see more tits, bare bottoms, and penises than I did in an hour of yoga.

If you have a chance to attend a naked yoga class, I recommend giving it a try.  Now if you are hoping for prurient views of opposite gender anatomy, you may well be disappointed.  You may get a peek here and there, but that’s about it.  I doubt it will be worth your while.

If you are afraid that you will be exposing yourself to others with a view that only your gynecologist or proctologist sees, let me remind you that the others in the class are just as preoccupied with just staying alive through the class as you are.  They could care less if you have your naughty bits exposed.

Naked yoga has all the sex appeal of changing a baby’s diaper.  All you are doing is trying to get through it with the least amount of hassle.  Give it a try.  You may find you really enjoy the freedom of doing yoga without binding clothes!


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3 Responses to Doing Naked Yoga

  1. Gil says:

    my name is Gil , a friend on TrueNudist told me about your blog , I will start my first Nude Yoga class in 2 weeks , I read your blog about your feeling about your first Nude Yoga class , it was very helpful. thanks … gil

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