Nudists Back Home

My wife and I came home from Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park yesterday.  We were glad to be home.  We still tent when we camp and it gets old sleeping on the ground.  What we didn’t like was having to be dressed all the time.  We wondered how we could ever acclimate from being nudists in a nudist setting to being nudists back home.

Now, if you have never gone to a nudist/naturist camp, park, resort, then you have no idea what I’m talking about.  You don’t understand how freeing it is to be nude 24/7 and be around other naked people.  There is an openness that cannot be understood until you experience it.

If you think it’s about sex, it ain’t.

Once home, it was hard to sit on our deck out in the sun and wear clothes.  We couldn’t feel the breeze on our skin, we couldn’t feel the sunshine except on our faces, hands, and arms.  Then there was the fear that if we did remove clothing, the neighbors might see us and then we get arrested for being lewd.

Even within the safety of our home, we didn’t feel as free.  There was always that feeling that we were doing something wrong and someone might find out and call the cops.

Isn’t that absurd!

Why should we feel like criminals within our own home?  We aren’t hurting anyone and we aren’t doing anything illegal.  Sometimes I think we have things a little turned around.

The thing that I find the hardest is that I want to tell everyone how wonderful being a nudist/naturist is.  I want to invite everyone I know to go with us to our local club.  The problem is, most people see nudism as some sort of perverted activity that only the deranged would ever think of doing.

Well, anyway, we are back home and have to go back to our normal lives.  The question is, do I want to?


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