Young People Are Chicken To Get Naked!

One of the biggest concerns in the nudist movement, or at least around clubs, is, “how do we attract young people.”  Many clubs look more like an old folks home that a nudist club.  There are more wrinkles around the pool than in your clothes basket!  Many say that it’s is a time issue, others say that it is a money issue.  That’s not what I think.

Young people are chicken to get naked!

That’s right, it’s a lack of nerve; no guts!  They are so afraid that they won’t match up to the model in magazines ideal of the perfect body that they don’t dare go bare!  “What if my boobs aren’t big enough,” or, “what if my penis is too small?”  They cower in fear thinking that they don’t match up.

Now I agree that young people, and by young I am talking between twenty and thirty-five, are busy.  They are working on careers.  They are working on families.  I understand.  I was there once, back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.  They thing is, are they too busy to find freedom, relaxation, and self assurance?  No one is.  Plus, they spend plenty of time watching TV, playing video games, visiting friends, whatever it is they enjoy doing.  They have the time, they just don’t use it in nude recreation.

I also understand about money being short.  However, something I learned a long time ago is that money is always short and you spend it on what you enjoy.  I know young people, of the age I mentioned above, that easily spend the money they could use going to a nudist club on beer.  They do it nearly every weekend.  Being a nudist is healthier for your liver I’ll tell you!

I also know young folks who spend what a yearly club would cost for a year’s membership of electronic gadgets and toys.  Some of them sit in a darkened rooms using the latest smart phone texting people when they could be sitting by the pool talking to real live people.

Every young person that I’ve talked to that said I was crazy for being a nudist and said they never could do that, said that they just didn’t look good enough.  They admitted it was a fear thing.  It wasn’t on moral issues or anything else.  It was vanity.

Every young person I’ve talked to that was a nudist said that getting over body shame issues was the hardest.  Now that they were nudists, they felt good about themselves.  They got over thinking they had to look like someone in a magazine.

When you get a certain age, say forty, you begin to realize that you don’t look like those models, never did, never gonna.  “Who gives a shit if my boobs aren’t huge.  They are what they are.”  “Who cares if I’m not hung like a porn star.  There isn’t a damn thing I can do about it.”

The first ten minutes around other nudists will inform you that you are about average.  Some are bigger than you, some smaller.  Some are in better shape, some worse, much worse!  You get over the fear of not matching up and learn to accept who and what you are.  If that ain’t a reason to try it, I don’t know what is!

Get over yourself young people!  Stop being such a chicken.  We need you out there.  You think I want to sit by the pool watching decrepit old farts waddle around?  I want somebody to play frisbee golf with.  I want someone to play paddle ball.  I want fresh ideas to bat around.

Come get naked!


P.S. I think I will write about spaghetti and beet balls tomorrow.

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15 Responses to Young People Are Chicken To Get Naked!

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    Thoughts from any young nudists out there

  2. naturalian says:

    Ive been there but got over any fears v quickly and been a nudist for 50 yrs!

  3. shyoungs says:

    I just wanna know what the heck frisbee golf is!!

    • VNP says:

      Frisbee golf is where you have a course, either temporary or permanent, that has goals that you throw a frisbee at. You count the number of times it takes you to throw the frisbee until you hit the target. The nice ones have a chain contraption that holds the frisbee until you retrieve it. It’s lots of fun and, depending on the course, be very demanding!

  4. freewilluk says:

    Being naked is good for the soul,we’ve just come back from 4 naked days away at Merryhill in Norfok…we wanted to stay longer.

    • VNP says:

      We were 7 days at Bare Oaks up by Toronto this year and we came back so refreshed it was amazing. There is nothing like it and those who think it wierd have no idea how good it is!

  5. freewilluk says:

    Reading on …..its more a case of thinking age makes a difference.
    Whats the difference between being naked at say 25 and being naked at 45,55 nothing really unless youre out on the pull.Body image is so obsessive to people who are under 40 and anyone who says otherwise is talking nonsense as you always hear younger folk refer to older people as “Old Farts”.However old you are now one day you will be older..All older people are are young people who have lived longer !

    • VNP says:

      I totally agree. As you get older you begin to care less and less about body image, or any number of things. It isn’t that you do’t care at all. I still find myself thinking, “I wish I had abs like that guy,” or some such nonsense. When you are young, it just seems to be overwhelming, at least for some.

  6. All-Nudist says:

    “Advice is you telling a younger version of yourself what you wish you’d known.” Good luck with that! 😉

    Good article, we’ve said much the same thing ourselves. Unfortunately we have here a minority of the general population (youth), a sub-minority of whom might even consider getting naked, and a sub-sub-minority of them who have access to a place to be socially nude, all added to what you’ve said above.

    It’s a tough sell, especially when they do get somewhere and, as mentioned, find mostly old farts lounging around the pool drinking beer and discussing the Cold War! Kids want to have fun with other kids; they’re not ready for retirement quite yet! Beaches are much more accommodating and casual to start at than a camp but are rare.

    We’ve tackled this problem in a number of ways on our website but have yet to find a workable solution, primarily as there is no central national organization which can coordinate nudist venues with youth groups to find out exactly what can be done to resolve the many issues involved. Few camps are interested in trying to deal with this at all. They see no available market and only expense and discomfort for their older, paying members by altering the way they do things.

    Instead, we see groups for younger nudists going off on their own to find something that appeals to them, sometimes to the detriment of our community in general as they move away from traditional naturism in their search for nude activities relevant to their age and lifestyle. Luckily most of the major youth groups promote mainstream naturism and are likely to create new nudists for the future. Unfortunately, their numbers are not huge.

    The most immediate threat to traditional family nudism/naturism is the loss of local small clubs which follows the ageing of their members, who are often the same folks who built the club. Today’s youth are unlikely to have the time, money, or interest their elders did when they decided to band together with friends and create ‘Sunny Acres’ so they would have a place to be nude together. Being a much more mobile society reduces the likelihood of someone investing in a place when they may move to another job at any time. Oh, Doom and Gloom!

    Thanks for the article, we’ll be passing it along!

    • VNP says:

      I know it’s being optimistic of me, but I have to believe that there is a way. Those who started the movement, those who started clubs, were young once. They saw the need and had the desire to live this life. The buttons that got pushed for them may be different than the buttons needed to be pushed now, but there were buttons.

      The nudist/naturist idea of health and freedom are not new. What gets us there may be changing, but freedom is freedom. I want this for my children and grandchildren. I can’t stop trying.

      • All-Nudist says:

        Do keep trying, just keep in mind that times are changing and there will need to be a firm line drawn sometime between family naturism and naked fun. Youth are more interested in fun than philosophical concepts of community, and don’t have the resources to invest into clubs/camps and such. They’re also, as you pointed out, too busy with living their new lives to be planning very far ahead.

        The increasing availability of places to have naked fun will inevitably make it harder for existing clubs/camps to draw new nudists. When beaches are clothing-optional and parks are open to sunbathing, and if you don’t get arrested in your own backyard and don’t have to drive for a couple hours to get naked, why drive and shell out money?

        Family naturism and family camping are virtually identical other than the clothing issue; this is the core of naturism and when the camps close, so does naturism as we know it. Most young folks aren’t interested in camping and relaxing; they want excitement. If we can’t draw them to the camps, all that will be left is beaches and high-end resorts, and you don’t need to be a nudist/naturist to enjoy them. You just have to like being naked.

        So yeah, keep pushing the kids to get naked, but push them towards the camps too. Ten million young people going to naked parties in cities aren’t doing naturism one bit of good unless they get out to the camps also. It’s up to the camps to give them a reason to come, and volleyball and lounge chairs ain’t gonna do it.

      • VNP says:

        That is jut what I would like to do. I don’t want to see camps close because no one goes to them anymore. I want to help people see that there is benefit to being nude and being in nature. Will everyone want to do it? No, but I can hope to encourage some!

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