Textiles Are Afraid To Be Nudists!

Textiles are people who do not join in the nudist lifestyle.  They are people who remain clothed at all times, no matter the weather or social climate.  From the nudist perspective, textiles are sad people.  Why be a textile?

Textiles are afraid to be nudists!

Textiles are a afraid for two reasons, at least in my opinion.  There may be many others.

The first reason is misinformation.  They simply do not understand the nudist lifestyle.  Many textiles think that nudism is about sex.  They think that on nudist beaches, or in nudist clubs, it is one big orgy.   They think men walk around sporting raging hard-ons and women lay around, legs spread, hoping some man will come by and do what one does with a raging hard-on.

This is not true, it doesn’t happen.  At least not at the places I have been. (Maybe I’m going to the wrong places!  Naw, I don’t need that.)

Now I remember when I first starting going to nude beaches, back in my early twenties, starting to get an erection.  I simply rolled over until it went away.  I think it maybe happened twice.  Since going to nudist clubs, I have never seen man nor boy sporting a woody.  You see, for a nudist, being naked in a social setting isn’t about sex and the mental wherewithal to get said stiffy just isn’t there.

The textiles is misinformed about what goes on!

The second reason that textiles are afraid to try nudism is because of their own hangups and phobias. Most are afraid that their body doesn’t match up to some misguided notion of what the human body is supposed to look like.  The media has so brainwashed us that we think all women look like Barbie, who scientists say if she were a real woman would be unable to stand, or that all men must look like a body builder with a porn star’s equipment.

Nobody looks like that!

We all have our scars and wrinkles.  It doesn’t matter if you are eighteen or eighty.  The perfect body is the one you have.  Sure, it might need some toning up or some sliming down, but that’s a decision you should make on your own, not because you are trying to fit some unreasonable model.

Textiles also fear what people will think.  If someone found out they went to a nudist club or beach, then bad things would happen.  One of the funniest fears, at least to me, is the one where they say, “What if I run into someone I know?”  Think about that one!  If you run into someone you know, they are a nudist.  They will understand about your being naked in a social setting, and if they are worried at all, it will be that you out them.

Some textiles fear that they won’t be able to get their clothes off.  It isn’t any harder than when you take a shower.  The buttons and zippers all work with the same ease.  It may not feel like it, but they do.

Another fear is that they don’t know anyone.  I know, this is just the opposite of the one I mentioned above.  They fear that they will sit all alone, huddled on their towel and no one will talk to them or even recognize their existence.

Nudists are the friendliest people I have ever met!  It is very difficult to sit by the pool, go in the hot tub, or do anything without someone talking to you.  You have to work at being alone!

Some textiles fear that God will hate them and send them to hell if the are naked in front of others.  There are so many arguments against this that I hesitate to even go into it.  Think about it, the God who created you naked will hate you for being that way?  Some God!  Here is a great podcast on the subject of Christianity and Naturism, and here is a link to a website for Christian naturists.

As far as other religions are concerned, I can’t say much about them.  I know from my perspective, as more of a pagan than anything else, naturism/nudism is not a problem.  God created this body.  It was made wonderful and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Textiles may say that “It just isn’t for me,” or something along those lines.  The truth is, or at least I think so, is that they are afraid.  There is something lurking in their minds that makes them afraid.  If you have ever swam naked or enjoyed the sun and wind on yur body, there is nothing that would ever make you want to stop besides fear.


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