Are You A Home Nudist, Or Just In Hiding?

I hear a lot about people being home nudists.  They don’t go to clubs or beaches, but they are naked at home.  Sometimes it is because one’s partner is not willing to join in the fun.. The only option is to be nude at home where the unwilling partner is tolerant of the others tendencies.  Maybe they are a home nudist because they don’t have the nerve to go public, or they are working on feeling comfortable with it.  It might be that they don’t have the money to go to a club.  Still, there is a question that I have to ask, because I ask myself this recently.

Are you a home nudist, or just in hiding?

My wife and I belong to a club.  We have been nude in social settings many times now.  Still, much of our nude time is at home.  Our children know about it and usually call before stopping by, just to make sure we know.  It wasn’t long ago that this was not the case and the reason I asked myself the above question.

I was in our living room, nude, working on my computer.  There was a knock at the door and I saw my son standing at the door.  He is not of the nudist mindset.  I found myself dashing to the bedroom to grab a pair of shorts as if I were doing something wrong.

Now I don’t mean to say  that we should be nude in front of those who find it disturbing, taking a like it or don’t attitude.  What I am saying is what is the mindset behind it.  When I made the dash for my shorts, I felt as if I had been caught doing something wrong.  I wasn’t.  I was in my own home participating in something that I enjoy doing.  Although I now would still coverup, I would not make a mad run to do so, nor would I feel guilty at “being caught.”

If you enjoy nudity within the confines of your own home, do you panic if someone drops by?  If the doorbell rings, do you find yourself feeling as if you have been caught with your hand in the cookie jar?  If so, then I have to ask if you are a nudist, or hiding out.

Imagine this scene.  You are doing dishes in your favorite one button suit when your sister stops by unannounced and walks in the door without knocking.  You turn and say nonchalantly, “Oh, hi.  Glad you stopped by.  Let me slip something on so you don’t feel uncomfortable.”  Could you say that?  What about, “Ah, caught me doing dishes.  I can cover up if this makes you uncomfortable, or you could join me.”

Like any choice in life, you will feel much better about it if you are comfortable enough with it that you can be open and honest about it with others.  Being a home nudist because of the reason given above, or any other, is fine.  If you feel ashamed by it, then perhaps you need to think about why you feel that way and how important it is that you continue doing what you are doing.


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