Living A Barefoot Life

I know this is no surprise, but, as a nudist, I like being naked.  It feels good.  I love the feel of the wind and sun on my body.  Unlike many nudists, I don’t wear shoes, at least not very often, either.  I never have been much of a shoe wearer.  I suppose that’s what happens growing up in Southern California.

Living a barefoot life.

I have been living a barefoot life for about twenty years.  I read somewhere about the benefits of going barefoot and decided I would give it a try.  As I mentioned before, I grew up in Southern California in the sixties.  I was barefoot a lot as a kid.  When I became an adult, I folded to social pressure and wore shoes nearly all the time.

Then I read that article.

I started going barefoot at every opportunity and haven’t stopped.  I will admit to being more hardcore at first and got thrown out of a few places for not wearing shoes.  Now, I mostly avoid the hassle and wear shoes in stores and take them off as soon as I can.  Sort of like being a nudist, you strip when you’re able.

I have heard people say things like, “I can’t go barefoot, my feet stink too bad.”  They stink because you are wearing shoes.  Take those things off for an hour or so and your feet will no longer smell.  It’s the sweat and bacteria that make them smell.  Light and fresh air will cure that.

“I don’t want to get athlete’s foot.”  Just like the stinky problem, fungus like athlete’s foot needs warm moist darkness to grow.  Let your feet be out in the fresh air and sunshine and there will be no problem.

“My feet are too tender.”  Yeah, because you wear shoes all the time.  Go barefoot and your feet will toughen up.  I can walk on some pretty nasty stuff without problems.

One possible drawback that most guys won’t care about, but women might is that your shoe size will probably increase.  As your feet get used to not being squished in those tight shoes, they will spread out a bit.  This is actually a good thing and may cure some of your foot pain, but you will need wider shoes.

One other might be that when you stub your toe, it hurts more.  My friend from “The Well Written Woman” website found that out recently.  I did it this summer while at Bare Oaks Naturist Park.  Those damned parking curbs are solid!

Walking barefoot helps me to walk more purposefully, and I tend to slip and trip less.  My feet are sending me messages from the stimuli of the ground and I know when there is danger.  Your shoes block that.  I no longer have problems with ingrown toenails, plantar warts or any sort of bacterial or fungus foot problems.

Like nudism, going barefoot is also a spiritual experience for me.  I connect to the earth and to the divine.  I feel a centeredness through my bare soles that I do not get while wearing shoes.

Give it a try.  What have you got to lose?  Go barefoot over the net two weeks at every chance you get. Avoid the curse of shoes!


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3 Responses to Living A Barefoot Life

  1. nudityisnatural says:

    I enjoy being barefoot as well. it feels good.

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