Is Your Bra Giving You Breast Cancer?

For me, nudism isn’t just about running around naked.  Sure, I like that, but there’s more.  It’s about connection to the earth and about health too.  Recently, I heard a podcast from the Naturist Living Show, and it really got me.  The podcast was about breast cancer.

Is your bra giving you breast cancer?

I have two sisters-in-law that have had to have mastectomies because of breast cancer.  I also have had some friends and acquaintances suffer from this horrible disease.  I have no idea what the statistics are for breast cancer, but I believe it to be on the rise.  According to the author of “Dressed To Kill,” by Sydney Ross Singer, one culprit may well be the bra.

I heard about this study a few years back, but it got lost in the shuffle.  The main idea seems to be that the bra cuts off circulation which, in turn, clogs lymph ducts.  The lymphatic system is how we eliminate toxins from the body.  It’s why, when women have mastectomies, they have to be very careful of infection.  Sometimes much of the lymph system in the chest is taken along with the breast.

The author of the book has tried to get the medical profession on board, but it seems there is more money to be made in treating breast cancer than there is in preventing it.  He has been called a charlatan even though there are no studies, that he is aware of, that refutes his findings.  He likens it to the struggle a few years back to prove that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer.

Speaking of which, according to the author, a woman who wears a bra for more than twelve hours a day is four times more likely to get breast cancer than a smoker is to get lung cancer.  Does that scare you ladies?  I hope so.

My wife has been telling our daughters and people she works with about this book, but the social stigma is so great that a women has to wear a bra, that most of the people she has told have just blown her off.

“I can’t go without a bra,” is the standard reply.

One woman she told, who has breast cancer now, said that her teenage daughter often wears her bra to bed.  She doesn’t want her brother to see her without a bra on.  The woman defended the daughter’s poor choice by saying she understood that she wanted to be modest.


She could die from breast cancer and she’s worried her brother might see some breast wiggle?  How lame is that?  If their family is so screwed up that the brother doesn’t understand that his sister has breasts and that, unfettered, they may wiggle, then something is wrong!

By the way, the author of the book states that the wiggle is part of natures way to he;p move fluid through the lymphatic system. No wiggle, sluggish system.

It seems to me that our society, with it’s misguided ideas on what modesty is and how we achieve that modesty, is to blame for much of the disease in our culture.  Would it be so wrong to have women not wear bras?  I mean, when I’m at our camp or other nudist venue, I rarely notice that a woman’s breast jiggle.  They’re women.  Of course they do.  I don’t notice if a guys penis wiggles either.  Of course it does.

We are human beings with human parts.  When we unnaturally confine and/or constrict those parts, is it any wonder they become diseased?

Read the book.

If nothing else, listen to the podcast.  Please!

If you are a female, it may save your life.  If you’re a male, it may save the life of a woman you love.


P.S. I can’t stress this enough.  Please listen to the podcast or read the book.  My wife has suffered from fibroid tumors in her breast and since she has stopped wearing her bra whenever possible, theyare gone.  There is really something to this!

P.P.S There has been a comment that this bra causing cancer thing is a hoax.  I am not saying that it is the only reason for breast cancer.  What I am saying is that this study, done by and anthropologist, has not been disproved.  It has been argued against, but I can find no study, actual scientific study, that says it is not true.  Do a google search on it and you will see both sides of the argument by many people; some credentialed, some not.

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12 Responses to Is Your Bra Giving You Breast Cancer?

  1. nudityisnatural says:

    This is interesting and I think I had heard before this fact about bras. I personally dislike wearing a bra and try to go without one as much as possible. I do sometimes just not wear one even if I’m in public. too bad for those who disagree. its my body. now that I know it could cause breast cancer, I feel even more strongly that its ok for me to go without a bra.

    • VNP says:

      It seems the medical, and of course the garment industry, does not want this to be common knowledge. Bras, of course, are not the only cause of breast cancer, but, according to the study, it certainly can be a factor.

  2. nudityisnatural says:

    Reblogged this on Nudity is Natural.

  3. Scorchy says:

    This has been debunked a million times over. It’s BS. Right up there with briefs give men testicular cancer.

    • VNP says:

      Really? I would love to know the name of the study or tests that were run. If this is crap, then I need to know about it so I don’t continue to spread false information. Name of study?

  4. Slaney says:

    Eur J Cancer. 1991;27(2):131-5.
    Breast size, handedness and breast cancer risk.
    Hsieh CC, Trichopoulos D.
    Department of Epidemology, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts 02115.
    Bra cup size and handedness were studied as possible risk factors for breast cancer. Data for 3918 cases and 11,712 controls from 7 centres were used to examine the association of handedness with laterality of breast cancer; data for 2325 cases and 7008 controls from 4 centres were used to assess the relation of bra cup size to breast cancer risk. There was a suggestive (P about 0.10) association of handedness with breast cancer laterality: odds ratio of a left-handed (or ambidextrous) woman having a left-sided cancer 1.22 (95% CI 0.96-1.56). Handedness may affect the lateral occurrence of breast cancer, although this tumour is in general more common in the left breast, possibly because this breast is usually slightly larger. Premenopausal women who do not wear bras had half the risk of breast cancer compared with bra users (P about 0.09), possibly because they are thinner and likely to have smaller breasts. Among bra users, larger cup size was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer (P about 0.026), although the association was found only among postmenopausal women and was accounted for, in part, by obesity. These data suggest that bra cup size (and conceivably mammary gland size) may be a risk factor for breast cancer.
    PMID: 1827274 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

    The authors are speculating about the possibility of increased chances of cancer because of breast size, not due to whether they wear bras or not.

    The dressed to kill book uses seriously flawed methodology and was based on studies never published in a peer-reviewed journal.

    Studies have been done that show that women who had lymph nodes removed do not have a detectably higher chance of breast cancer.

    • VNP says:

      Thank you for the information. I do see, according to this study, that there MAY be some correlation of bra wearing to cancer, although it is certainly not the only reason. I don’t know about the seriously flawed methodology. I don’t know about their methodology at all!

      I did not mean to infer that the removal of lymph nodes caused cancer, but that the removal meant having to be careful about infections. The lymph system is there to help the body rid itself of infections and toxins. The authors of Dressed To Kill suggested that cutting the circulation to the lymph nodes under the arms and near the breasts restricted the lymph system in its job. That just seems to be common sense.

    • horsehawaii says:

      Actually, your statement, “Studies have been done that show that women who had lymph nodes removed do not have a detectably higher chance of breast cancer,” is incorrect. There are no “studies”. The ACS wrote a letter in their Cancer journal that stated that they did some number crunching on other studies and found that there were increased skin and other cancers in women who had had their armpit lymph nodes removed after cancer surgery, and that there were not enough women involved to determine if there was more breast cancer or not. They are trying to justify ignoring the bra/cancer issue, which they say is too ridiculous for research consideration. This is a scam and cover-up.
      Again, there are no studies that refute the bra/cancer link, and a Harvard study that shows a link, and Singer and Grismaijer’s two studies (one in the US and one in Fiji) that show a huge link.

      Cancer is big business. Combined with the huge lingerie industry, and you have the recipe for a cover-up.

      Go to Singer’s website for more on this, including his article “Bras and the Breast Cancer Cover-Up”.

  5. Scorchy says:

    The lymph system is surely the body’s first defense against infection. No arguments there. But it can also be the first conduit through which breast cancer cells break off the main tumor and enter the bloodstream. My lymph system didn’t catch mine–they slipped through. In those cases where there are cancer cells detected, it is considered a preventive in stopping the spread of the disease. Though it used to be pro forma to remove them all 20-30 years ago, doctors are more discerning and try not to remove them–precisely because of their role in stopping infection and the complications of lymphadema. Surgeons do try to be more conservative in this approach these days. Though I am sure that there may still be pockets of doctors who think the most extreme approaches are always the best.

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  7. nacouk says:

    The suggestion that this idea has been rejected because there is more money to be made in treatment than in prevention is shameful. The reason why it has been rejected is because there is no evidence for it.

    According to Cancer Research UK:

    Is there a link between breast cancer and the type of bra you wear?

    No, there is no scientific evidence to prove that any kind of bra can cause cancer. Some people have claimed that under wired bras cause breast cancer by blocking the fine tubes of the lymphatic system under the arm. The idea is that this stops the normal drainage of the breast tissues, making toxins gather in the breast and resulting in cancer. You would need to wear a bra that was painfully and unbearably tight to have any effect on your lymphatic system.

    One book suggests that this theory explains the high rate of breast cancer in western cultures and the low rates in the developing world, where women are perhaps less likely to wear bras. There are no scientific studies that back up this claim. There are also many differences between Western and developing countries’ lifestyles that could contribute to breast cancer risk. Much of the research in this area has concentrated on differences in diet between different countries and cultures.

    Constriction or applying pressure to an area of the body does not make normal cells become cancerous. There is a lot of information about how cancer starts and grows in the section about cancer [on the Cancer Research UK web site].

    We don’t know exactly what causes breast cancer, but there are a number of well known risk factors. These include having a strong family history of the disease and getting older. There is a lot more information about the risks and causes of breast cancer, and possible protective factors in our breast cancer section.

    • VNP says:

      It depends on who you ask, or read whether or not someone says that bra wearing may contribute to cancer. Some say yes, some say no.

      Your suggestion that the medical/pharmaceutical industry is altruistic and would never put profit before cure is IMHO, naive.

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