I’d Rather Die!

I wrote a post about wearing bras and breast cancer.  It got some mixed response.  I had a couple of comments telling me what garbage it was, those are my words, and a few emails and twitter posts saying the same basic thing.  What surprised me was the attitude of some of the people.  It seemed that the thought of giving up their bra was so repulsive that they became defensive about them.

I’d rather die!

I had some people tell me what a load of garbage the author of the book “Dressed To Kill” was.  I have no idea, but much of what was said made some sense to me.  Now I’m not an MD.  Maybe I’m wrong.  The thing is, even if bra wearing only contributed .001% added risk to having breast cancer, isn’t it worth taking it off when you can?

I did a little research and found “experts” on both side of the argument.  That tells me that there is a chance, maybe a slight chance, that wearing a bra for extended periods of time can increase your risk of breast cancer.

I wasn’t suggesting that women stop wearing their bras ever, although I don’t see the harm in that, but you would think I suggested that women never wear them and maybe worse!  What I was saying is that if there is a chance that taking your bra off when you get home from work, or wherever, it might help in avoiding the disease.

My God! What a terrible thing to suggest!

Let’s see, you could take off your bra and maybe lessen your risk of cancer, or you could support the pharmaceutical companies that treat breast cancer with drugs and/or surgery and implants.  I mean, it might happen anyway, but why not do everything you can?

I have also written about being vegan.  In some studies, it was shown that there is a correlation between meat eating and high cholesterol foods and cancer/heart disease.  I have had the same reaction.

Give up my super sized cheese burger?  I’d rather die!

Well, I guess that’s your choice.  Having had an up close experience with that process when I had my heart attack, I will eat what I have to to stay healthy.  I will do whatever it takes!

Will I die someday?  Yep, but I’m not in any rush!

What is it with us that when confronted with something that challenges our lifestyle, we are ready to die before we give it up.  People still smoke even though they know it will, more than likely, give them lung cancer.  Are you crazy?  I never smoked anything in my life that was worth dying for.

We live in a society that is so bound up in its need to conform that we can’t seem to think outside the box.  We don’t dare do something that is unconventional even if it might improve our health.  I think that’s sad!


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One Response to I’d Rather Die!

  1. John says:

    Now for the life of me, I can’t understand why people would leave messages saying “Dressed to Kill” is ‘garbage’. They may disagree with the findings, or they may feel the conclusions are wrong, but to debunk it as ‘garbage’ is pretty harsh. Personally, after hearing the podcast (“Naturist Living – Health”, July 31st 2012) featuring an interview with Sydney Ross Singer, I think there may be something to it. Part of the joy of being a nudist to me, is to have an open mind. Garbage? Hardly.

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