Are We Little Boys When It Comes To Breasts?

Seeing yet another “expose” on Kate Middleton sunbathing topless finally pushed me over the edge.  I have avoided the whole tawdry thing until now.  I haven’t looked at the pictures and I haven’t read the plethora of article.  Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore.  I read an article, actually backing up her right to privacy, and saw the pictures.

Are we little boys when it comes to breasts?

The pictures were fuzzy, far away, and uninspiring.  They, supposedly, showed Kate sunning without her top on.  I say supposedly because I wouldn’t recognize her if she passed me on the street.  Just another pretty girl.

The thing that got to me was the complete innocence of what she was doing as opposed to the, giggling in the corner, whispering vulgar remarks, kind of person that would take such pictures.  This is the kind of thing I would expect from grade school boys.  It was the kind of thing I would have done in grade school.

“Look Bobby, we can see her titties.”

I mean come on, grow up a bit!  The fact that she has breasts should not shock anyone.  Why would anyone take pictures of her?  Why would anyone want to read some scandal sheet about it?  This is so immature it makes me want to hurl!

One of the things I like about being a nudist is that it helps me get away from the whole school boy mentality about women.  We are constantly bombarded with it and it begins to seep into our minds like some hypnotic suggestion.

“I bet she has breasts under that lumpy shirt, Hmmhmmhmm.”  I wonder what she looks like nekkid.”

It takes me about thirty seconds to lose that sort of thinking when we go to a club.  Yep, by god, she does have breasts.  She’s got a butt too.  Now, is the pool warm enough to swim in?  By the time I get out of the pool, I have to think about the fact that I am seeing breasts.

It isn’t that we are asexual as nudists, we just are able to dial the sexual attraction back to where it belongs.  An attractive woman walks by and I still enjoy the view, I just don’t drool, or leer.  I look, appreciate, and move on.

Kate has tits!  I didn’t need pictures to prove that to me nor articles describing them.  What I need is for people to grow up a bit about sex and the human body.  Let’s see if we can get ourselves up to maybe eighth grade!


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6 Responses to Are We Little Boys When It Comes To Breasts?

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  2. Thanks for a perfect companion piece for an article we also published today! Such a fuss over breasts!

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  4. Knot Knudsen says:

    I believe the best response from the Royal Family should have been … none. I was at a nude resort watching a volleyball game till about 1/2 through the match, I noticed it was just all women. I hadn’t notice the absence of men because the nudity factor was reduced to nothing. If the Royal Family said anything, the proper response might have been, many women on holiday sun themselves that way. Of course royal tits are better than commoners tits aren’t they????

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