Nudism Inside And Out

It seems that the trend of nudism is going away from club membership and going toward more home nudity.  The reasoning seems to be that young people cannot afford to join clubs, which I’m not sure I believe, and are joining friends or in private at their homes.

Nudism, inside and out.

I spend a good amount of time nude inside the house.  I have to admit that now that winter is coming on, I spend less time naked, but still, I don’t wear clothes if I don’t have to.  I love to be unencumbered by clothing.  I exercise nude, write nude, clean house nude, and cook nude, well sorta, I do wear an apron most of the time.

We don’t have any nudist friends who live close by, so we don’t have any inside nude time with other people.  If we did, I would be fine with that, although it seems a bit forced to me.  Maybe I would feel different if I ever experienced it.

Just a few days ago, I was in my usual state of undress when I noticed that it was sunny outside.  The temp was only in the low fifties, but the sun was shining brightly on our deck.  Our whole back yard can be seem by the neighbors, but there is a part of our deck that is secluded.  I stepped out for a breath of fresh air.

The sun and the breeze, cool as it was, felt glorious on my skin.  It was one of those moments when you feel reborn.  Tension dropped away and a smile came to my face.  It reminded me how wonderful it is to be outside naked.

To me, there is nothing like being nude outdoors.  I love going to our local club.  I haven’t been to a nude beach in some time, but I used to love going.  There is nothing like the feeling of the sun and wind on you.  Swimming nude, is magnificent.  You wouldn’t think that a bathing suit makes that much difference, but it does.

Camping at a nudist campground is amazing.  You wake up without caring what to put on.  You step outside of your tent, trailer, whatever, and greet the day as you were intended.  You wave at the people across the way who are also naked.  They offer a cup of coffee and you go over and spend a while drinking the mornings first cup and getting to know people you never knew before.

You head for the showers and, maybe they are outside, maybe inside, but you marvel at the feeling of showering where others can see you, or maybe with someone you don’t know, and it’s fine.  You chat away as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and it is.

Maybe you go play some game, some tennis, or horseshoes.  You toss a frisbee or play some petanque.  Maybe you go swimming or just lay in the sun enjoying the warmth.  Later you go for a walk down a wooded trail.  Back at camp you have lunch, not worrying that you drop peanut butter and jelly on yourself.  Skin washes easily.

In the evening, you might sit around a fire with others singing or maybe playing cards with those folks you just met this morning.  You go to sleep wearing the same outfit you wore all day; your skin.

In case you can’t tell, I think there is much to be gained by not only being an inside nudist, but and outside nudist as well.  Nudism is about freedom.  I don’t personally feel that freedom means always being inside.


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8 Responses to Nudism Inside And Out

  1. The picture of camp life you paint is why so many people choose to live in a camp when they can! The summers we had at our fenced campsite (not exactly nudist though most folks there were) were like that but without being able to wander nude freely. Everyone had fences so it was mostly a matter of negotiating the way between and through sites in order to remain nude most of the time!

    You describe the feeling very well, how great it is to skip all the annoying daily things we have to do in the Textile world in-between nude times! we would happily leave that behind forever if we could!

    We’re nekked most of the time at home, and suffer through the winter when the cost of keeping it warm enough is prohibitive. Once in awhile we crank up the heat but, not often enough! We have a large upper deck ideal for sunning in the summer and we miss it already!

    Think Spring!

    • VNP says:

      Winter can be very disheartening for a nudist. I haven’t tried nude cross country skiing, but would if there were a place where that were possible. We are going to try a local non landed club that has monthly swims. Perhaps that will help!

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  5. Michael_Nudist in Rochester NY says:

    Great post! I have been a home nudist for a very long time and love it! I have not ventured into social nudism because I don’t know any other nudists and felt uneasy going to a club alone – if they would even admit a single male. To counteract the nudity challenging Rochester winter, I bought a hot tub last year and that affords some outdoor nudity for me during the winter months.

    • Steve says:

      There is a group called Naturist Rochester that has activities during the winter months. They would allow a single male I believe. They are also easy on the coin purse. Empire Haven, which is located in Moravia, is closing for the season, but they would allow a single male as well. That’s the club we attend and we have talked to several single guys.

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