Are We Destined To Be Naked Freaks?

I read many posts and articles about naturism.  It seems whenever a nudist is mentioned it is connected with something about our infatuation with breasts, or walking around naked in public.  Maybe it’s something really deep like do we date other nudists?

Are we destined to be naked freaks?

The question I have is, does naturism/nudism have to be something out on the fringes?  Can naturists have something to offer society other than offering those who are not nudists somewhere to see naked photos?

As a naturist, i love being naked, but I have concern for the earth too.  I am concerned about global warming, pollution, and the energy crisis.  I am concerned about human rights especially the abuse of women.  There are so many things that I, as a naturist, am interested in, boobs are hardly on the list; unless you’re talking about breast cancer.

When will we, as nudists, stop bowing to the prurient side of our culture and start standing up for things that are more important than at what age does your child stop walking around the house nude?

The coming election is much more important than if someone sees my bare butt, but (is that too many but(t)s in one sentence?) do we read about nudists protesting either side of the political issues?  No, we are more concerned with where the naked rambler is, or what celebrity likes going naked.

Come on folks, I know we aren’t that shallow!

As naturists, most of us have either a deep love of nature, or of health.  Let’s let the world know that we are not just about flashing our bits, but have something of substance to say.  Only then will we be taken seriously!


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8 Responses to Are We Destined To Be Naked Freaks?

  1. Paul C says:

    As someone who enjoys naturism and who has absolutely no axe to grind on the subject I have to be candid in pointing out that we are not naturists per se, but rather people who are naturists. And I would contend that being naturists neither defines us as people nor makes us ‘special’ except in that specific respect. To be honest, there are a lot more people out there who care as much as we might about the planet but have no intention of getting their kit off in public under any circumstances.

    Personally, I prefer to consider naturism, nudism, FKK, or whatever you want to label it as just a pastime, not a cause. Causes tend to turn people off in this day and age as they already get bombarded by them left, right and centre. Let’s just chill and ride the inevitable rough sea in a serene state; let others get themselves get worked up into a state about it, from whatever perspective.


    • I can see that, for some, getting involved in issues is antithetic to the whole idea of naturism/nudism. But I also realize that, for some, anything that they deem as good should be experienced by all because it is good.

      Some say that the young, who enjoy having times socially with there kits off, don’t like to identify themselves as naturist/nudist. And it has little to do with labels, but with what they think the movement has become. Motionless.

  2. natfreeuk says:

    Great article. I’ve reblogged it too, thanks very much.

    I hear what you’re saying Paul C but that depends if you regard naturism as a lifestyle or a hobby in my opinion and whether you feel impassioned enough about the environment etc to step into activism, wielding your naturism.

    We can, if we choose do both. We can enjoy the undeniable relaxation benefits naturism confers. Those who are more involved with naturism from an activist perspective can also stamp their mark on the public’s awareness of various causes/naturism, arguably to positive or negative effect, through protest naturism such as the WNBR, which is the epitome of a peaceful protest in my eyes.

    • VNP says:

      thanks for your comment and the reply to Paul. I couldn’t think of how I wanted to respond to him and you said it well. I like the idea of lifestyle versus hobby. For me, along with my spiritual beliefs, it is a lifestyle.

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