More Naked Truth About Who I Am.

Again, I haven’t written here in a while.  I have to admit that I have fallen into the frame of mind that wants readers and so I tailor my posts to get as many hits as I can.  The problem with that is it does not allow me to write the things I would prefer in order to write what I know will get hits.

More naked truth about who I am.

Oh Goddess, I did it again.  You see I know that I get far and away more hits with “naked” in the title than I do if I say something about being vegan or Pagan.  Naked always brings more readers.  I’m sure that a percentage of those readers don’t actually read what I have to say because they were searching for pictures of naked people.  When they saw there weren’t any, they clicked away.

I love being a naturist, but I also love being a Pagan.  I love being nude, but I also love being healthy, which I’m not overly.  I struggle with my health and so try to do the things that will improve my physical well being.  Part of that is being a vegan.

If all I write about is my naturism, I find that I run out of things to say.  How many times can I tell you how I feel about naturism?  Now that it is moving into winter here, I have even less to say.  There are days that go by when I have little nude time.  I love being naked, I do not love being cold!

Well, all this is to say that if I am to continue this blog, I have to talk about more than nudity.  I have to talk about who I am as  Pagan and as a vegan.  I have to talk about who I am.  If I don’t, then the blog is meaningless to me.

Maybe I’ll lose readers.  I know there are people who follow me because they want to hear about one particular subject, but not the others.  They may be Christian and are offended by my Paganism.  They may be big time meat eaters and not want to hear about how a plant based diet, at least in my opinion, is the way to go.

Whatever the case, I know that I may lose readers if I blog about other subjects, but that has to be the way it is for me.  Otherwise, I lose interest and nothing comes of the blog as I let it go.

I would appreciate your suggestions on this matter.  Let me know what you think.  It well help me decide if I should go on or not.


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10 Responses to More Naked Truth About Who I Am.

  1. You need to decide if you’re writing to be heard or writing to please yourself. If you want numbers, then write porn! If you want to share your thoughts, get used to the idea that only those who are interested in them will come back.
    We initially noticed the ‘naked’, of course. It popped up in some search parameter. Your writing style is what kept our interest, and paganism is cool, but quite frankly there are a lot of good things to read and do online and only so much time to do it. Since my only reason to be online is to maintain our website, and since my philosophical beliefs are pretty well established, I unfortunately am not a good example of one who will stick around to watch you examine your navel, so to speak. In short, I don’t care about your personal journey towards enlightenment, just looking for nudist stuff to share.
    But this is only one example, and you did ask for responses, so that’s one. Didn’t mean to sound harsh, but I think you understand that. Other folks might like the variety you can offer; it’s your style that attracts and keeps people!
    I do know that if you find yourself forcing yourself to write about something it won’t be good for you OR your audience. Write what YOU want to write about and let folks decide if that’s what they want.

    • VNP says:

      Thanks for the comment. I don’t think it sounded harsh, I know just what you meant. What you say has much worth, at least to me. Thanks again.

  2. Puny Human says:

    Hey, I follow blogs to make online friends with like minded folks. In my case as a reader, the naked truth, whatever it may be, is the right thing to write about. I see you through your writing and I say, yes, there lives kin! I also sympathize, though with not fitting into any one subculture. My naked truth doesn’t have a label either. So, naked pagan vegan, write on! Thanks for visiting my blog. Best, a friendly animist, christian, meat eater, Puny Human.

  3. Tom says:

    I for one am a great fan of belly buttons. Rave on, or naked vegan pagan.

  4. Be yourself. That’s always good enough!

  5. hi, u asked for suggestions.
    i like to hear about ur life. so tell us what u do in it. like if u are naked, when and where u are naked. and how it feels to be naked doing those things. or do u socialise naked? i agree that the doing of it is much nicer than the actual talking of it. so a naked lifestyle does not lend itself easily to description and talk. it is more fun in the doing than in the talking of it.
    and of course once winter comes and it gets cold, that part of it may have to be replaced by purely practical considerations of wearing warm clothes to keep warm. i like a naked lifestyle too, and would like to hear of how u cope with the cold and be naked. and whether u go naked outdoors too, maybe not in winter but come summer.

    and your vegan life. what food do u cook and what does it look like. or if u have any favourite dish, show us what they are. i like to see how others live their life and dont know how a vegan or a pagan lives are like, so it would be nice if u would show us, in pictures or in words.

    also how is your pagan views colour your take on the things that happen in the world and in your life. does it make u happy? it should , so show us how , when and where it does.

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