Don’t Let Your Passion Get Away From You!

Yesterday I did a fire ritual.  The point of the ritual is to bring you into a closer relationship, if you can call it that, with the element of fire.  Fire links us to things like passion and will power.  What impressed me as I followed the ritual was the instruction at the beginning.

Don’t let your passion get away from you!

That was the upshot.  Be careful with fire.  You are encouraged to do the ritual, but you are also warned that fire can be dangerous stuff.  It doesn’t take much and things are burning that you had no intention of burning.

As I was gazing into the flames, I realized that the same is true with our passions and even our will.  Let them get out of control and things start to burn down.  Let what you want overshadow your sense of reason and things start to get hot.

Right now, I am sitting in a Starbucks trying to calm down.  I hate the medical profession.  I just left my Doctor for a check up and he didn’t hear a thing I said.  He increased my blood pressure medication even though my blood pressure is within acceptable limits.  I hate taking medication for nothing other than to support the pharmaceutical industry.  Blood pressure 130/80. if you must know.

I talked to him about my knee hurting and without looking at it, he diagnosed arthritis.  No X-ray, not touching it, he didn’t even look at it.  Now it might be arthritis, I’m old enough for god’s sake, but come on, look at the damned thing!

If my blood pressure wasn’t high before, I bet it is now!

See, my fire is out of control.  I probably shouldn’t be drinking coffee, but sitting under a palm tree on a lovely nude beach meditating!  Anybody want to send me the money for that?

Fire, passion, will, they are great things as long as they are under some sort of control.  Without control, the fire gets out of hand and things get hot!


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