Being Naked When We Want

This morning, I read a blog post about people fearing nudity.  I thought it interesting and will give you the link in just a minute.  It made me think of something that happened just this last weekend.

Being naked when we want.

I went out in the back to do some late season gardening.  The weather was warm, well, in the mid fifties, and the sun was shining.  I am not much for shoes and so went to work in the garden barefoot.  The warm, yes it was warm, earth felt so good on my soles.  I felt as if I were connected to the earth in some spiritual way.

If you have read any of this blog, you know that I am a Pagan following the Druid path.  I feel a connection to the Divine when out in nature.  You also know that I am a naturist and that connection is intensified when I am nude in nature.  Anyway.

It felt great to be barefoot on the warm earth.  I wished I could be nude as it wold make the experience so much more enjoyable.  Unfortunately, I have neighbors and we have no fences in the back.  My neighbors are pretty understanding, but I don’t think they are ready for me gardening naked.

After I finished, I brought out a chair and sat in the sun soaking up the vitamin D and enjoying the sights and sounds.  Once again I wished I could be sitting there nude instead of clothed.  It got me thinking about what it is exactly that people have against nudity.

As the post I mentioned earlier said, perhaps it is having to let go of the status that clothing brings.  We tend to dress for parts.  We dress to be the boss, or to be the gardener.  We dress for comfort, but also, maybe subtly, to tell others what it is we are.

That could be, but i still think it is misguided thoughts about what nudity is and body shame issues.

We think that nudity means sex.  I don’t know how anyone could think my cutting the last of our swiss chard could be construed as sex, but I do know that plenty of people would think that I was being lewd by being naked in the garden.  Now lewd action usually means calling attention in some way to the genitals, and for a man, aroused genitals.  Unfortunately, lewd is one of those terms that is open to interpretation, usually by the one claiming to be offended.

We also think that nudity is only for those who are young and in shape.  Anyone seeing me naked would know that neither of those things are true about me.  That being the case, the observing party might come to the conclusion that I had no right to be naked in public.  If I were twenty and a body builder, perhaps.

What crap!

I am sure there are those who want to “get nekkid” precisely so that they can flash their junk.  There are always going to be those sickos!  The vast majority of naturists/nudists want to be nude for very different reasons.  Some, like me, want to feel the connection to earth, nature, or even spirit.  Being nude accentuates that.  Some do it for health reason, believing that the sun and fresh air make them healthier.  Some just because they enjoy the feeling.  For all these folks, it has no more to do with sex than being clothed does; maybe less.

I know some people say that we naturists should not push the boundaries of where we can enjoy nudity.  If we are at a club, or designated beach, then fine, but don’t include parks or all beaches, or city streets.  I disagree.  I don’t think that we should be obnoxious about it, but I do believe that we should push to have the right to be nude where we want.  If we are not involved in sexual activity, or the suggestion of sexual activity (you know, waving our stuff around in a sexual manner) then we should have the right to be nude where and when we want.

Well, that’s just my opinion.  Oh yeah, here’s the link to that post.


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15 Responses to Being Naked When We Want

  1. wartica says:

    Letting it all hang loose has to be one of the most natural activites out there to do ; maybe one day soon, it will be looked as such,and not some ego or sexual thing!!

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  3. We as a society are not very connected to the natural world. We are surrounded by so much technology and mechanical things. So the feeling that come through that connection are not very accessible without intention. That intention requires courage to admit the disconnect. So it can be very much a spiritual thing to get to the place you describe. Not sure society is there or will get there.

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  5. Jeff says:

    Minimally we should be allowed simple nudity on our own property. Regardless of who can peek in our windows or look into our yard. If you don’t want to see it don’t look!

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  7. naturalian says:

    It should be a natural human right to dress as we choose, in fine clothes or in just our skin without fear as long as there is no sexual intent or connotation. There have been a couple of cases in England where people have been prosecuted for being naked in their own gardens and the prosecutions have been thrown out!

  8. sassycoupleok says:

    We enjoy being nude at home most of the time and home office our business so we work nude as well. A very nice perk!!! We go out in our back yard nude which parts can be seen from the street. We leave our blindes open, even at night. Our neighbors know we are nudist a point we made sure they knew. If and when they see us they never complain, they understand it’s our lifestyle. During warm weather I do a lot of things all around the house at night in the nude. Since we live on a corner many cars have passed by and even people walking but none have ever complained because we just act naturally. So yes we believe nudity is natural and should be accepted.

    • VNP says:

      Hi, thanks for stopping by! You are lucky that you have some freedom with being nude around your home. My wife works out of the home and I am a semi-retired writer. I have more time to spend nude at home, but as I said in the post, it is all indoors. This time of year, even that gets cut back some as, here in upstate NY, it gets a bit chilly, even with the heat up.

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  10. Luca says:

    I agree with all your words.
    I created a page on Facebook called “Vegan Naturists Nudists Network Worldwide” to help people as us to be in contact and to promote our lifestyle. 😉


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