Naked Does Not Equal Sex

Shame is a hell of a motivator!  I just saw a post on Twitter from All Nudist about how this site is no longer updated, but still has some good stuff on it.  I admit that I have not updated this site for some time now.  The reason I haven’t is, frankly, I got a little put out with the whole internet nudist attitude.  What do I mean?

Naked does not equal sex!

That’s it in a nutshell.  It seemed that everywhere I looked, someone was posting articles that were little more than excuses to show some naked twenty something woman that had obviously had a boob job. It didn’t seem to be about being a nudist, what that means, or how it changed people’s lives so much as about sex.

The real kicker for me was when I got a follower for Twitter that had as his avatar a picture of his (I assume) erect penis with one hell of a piercing through it.  Guess what, although I am not repulsed by other guy’s penises or any other body part, I just don’t need to see your hard-on.  Sorry, I know I’m a prude.  😉

Even posts by people who are supposedly in the main stream of nudism/naturism had posts up, or at least reposted, articles that were as much about sex as anything else.

Something else I noticed, if I wanted to get readers, if I wanted my stats to go up on my site, all I had to do was put “naked” in the title and the hits would soar!  Why?  Because a certain amount of people are doing searches for the word naked and my site will pop up.  I did it this time intentionally!  I’m sure that when these people see that what I have has no pictures and doesn’t talk about sex, they move on.  Still, it attracted those sorts of folks and that creeped me right out.

Nudism, for me is about a healthy life style.  It’s about participating in social nudity, not to see naked bits that some think naughty, but to drop the barriers, to open up to conversation without the status symbols.  It’s about enjoying nature the way I believe we are meant to enjoy it.

Naked does not equal sex!

Being a nudist is something very special to me and to have others turn it into something tawdry just plain ticks me off.  Perhaps I will start blogging here again.  The weather is slowly changing and I will start going to me local club again.  Maybe there will be things to talk about.  We shall see.


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17 Responses to Naked Does Not Equal Sex

  1. So everywhere you go you find ‘naturist’ and ‘nudist’ websites that are little more than naked picture sites? You found that some creeps follow you? And you think that by joining the ranks of others who have discovered the same thing and quit you’ll make things BETTER?
    Thanks a lot! One less is a huge percentage of good naturist sites gone! By you running away there’s even less chance of a newcomer finding good information and more of a chance they’ll find those Tumblr pages full of porn, soft and hard, labelled ‘nudist’.
    Or you could do what other formerly legitimate bloggers have done and give up writing relevant things and devote your time to galleries full of naked men, women, and children! You know, showing the world the REAL face of naturism!
    Ah, screw it. I feel much the same, often. Go ahead and quit, it’s not like you’re obliged to help and you won’t get many thanks if you stay. We all burn out sooner or later, except for the smut peddlers, of course. They’ll win in the end.

    • Steve says:

      Ah come on! Tell what you really feel! 🙂 Actually, thanks for the kick in the ass (naked or not). You are right. Giving up is not the answer. There is no good excuse except that I am not willing to fight for what I believe in. I guess I should put on my big girl panties (or is that take them off?) and do what I should do.

      • Sorry to snap at you, but it gets lonely out here! Good bloggers come and go; there’s only a couple left from when All-Nudist started and most that have started since are gone. Others are hard to find or sporadic.
        The only difference between a nudist blogger and any other nudist is that the one that doesn’t blog gets to enjoy nudism and ignore everything that’s happening right up until their beach is closed!
        Ignorance is bliss and someday we’re gonna shut All-Nudist down and go back to ignorantly enjoying naturism and let someone else worry about it.
        So yeah, I understand and am hanging on by my teeth, Do what you need to and don’t worry about those folks who don’t even know you’re trying to help.

      • Steve says:

        Hey, you were absolutely right. I need a kick in the pants every now and then. My wife said the same thing. Are you two teaming up on me?

      • Of course not Steve! But give her a little kiss for me, ok? Right behind her ear on that tiny mole she likes nibbled…

  2. I know exactly where your coming from & how you feel, my Facebook page I started last November is linked to my @nudeyman Twitter account & when I post things on FB I use hash-tags like #naked #nude #boobs #sex & guess what? of the 250 followers I have on Twitter I would say more than half are not genuine Naturists, I only block the ones that try to interact with me & get all weird… which is not always men either.

    But my philosophy is that perhaps in some small way I’m making a difference in the background noise of porn on the Internet, how? well by me using hash tags to get people’s attention my hope is that some hardcore porn puppies will look at an article about Naturism & discover it is not sexual…. they will either not read it, or read it & try Nudism for themselves & be converted….. ok ok, I’ll put away my rose coloured glasses LOL

    But if we give up, as All-Nudist said the smut peddlers will win… but by having many bloggers & websites promoting the non sexual lifestyle we may just dilute the nude=sex message… so please don’t give up!


  3. Erik says:

    Unfortunately, I think having followers that are clearly in it for the p0rn goes with the territory. Many of my Tumblr at Twitter followers are like that. But I also have many who are following for the “right” reasons. There are really two things happening: 1) much of society doesn’t know the difference between nudism and pornography, and 2) The internet pornographers have hijacked the terms “nudism” and “naturism” and use them as covers for pornography. That doesn’t make our advocacy for proper nudism any less important, in my opinion.

    • Steve says:

      Thanks Eric, like the others, you remind me of what is important. Time to man up.

    • You’re right, Eric. The public’s (and sometimes naturists) confusion about the difference between sexy photos and naturist photos plus the hijacking of the terms by the porn industry are one more reason that legitimate nudists should avoid falling into the easy trap of using photo galleries as a website draw, or as an end product.
      Nudists don’t need hundreds of naked photos to understand and enjoy naturism, and newbies don’t know the difference. Anyone who wants to look at naked people can find plenty without needing naturist bloggers to provide them; ‘naturist’ photos are everywhere. Enjoying looking at nude people isn’t a naturist thing anyway; it’s purely human and not representative of naturist activities.
      Sites like Sunsport Gardens have enough naturist photos for everyone, and they’re legit. Have a website and want to show folks what naturism looks like? Send them there or to other camp websites; THAT’s where the nudists are!

  4. Very good blog and all the responses as well. We have discovered that many claiming to be nudist are mere voyuers and want to look but not be seen. Then you have the others that want you to watch their personal show. As nudist we just have to be vigilant and try to root out the non beliverers out. But I agree your doing a great job and please don’t give up.

  5. Ben says:

    yeah dont give up because
    felicity jones and The Young Naturalist American won’t give up on there goals to help get younger people to trying nudism and her group makes sures that when teens and young adults try nudism that they its not about sex.

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    Our belief reinforced by another clothes free blogger

  7. Steven says:

    Reposted on Bare Island Project

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