Nudists Given The Boot To Their Bare Butt On Fire Island Beach.

There is some hubbub going on in New York about Fire Island Beach.  The beach has been used by naturist/nudists for years.  The rangers turned their heads and allowed it to go on.  Now, they have decided that they can no longer allow such activity to continue.  They claim that, “There has also been an increase in lewd and lascivious behavior, more voyeurism, more exhibitionism.”

Nudists given the boot to their bare butt on Fire Island Beach.

I have never been to Fire Island, and now it sounds unlikely I will ever go.  Guess I won’t be spending any of my money there!  Anyway, I think it interesting what the officials have to say about what goes on there.

When I used to go to a nude beach, I will admit that there was some of all of that going on.  There was an area where people would go to have sex out in the open, but it was fairly secluded, and if they were discovered by other participants of the beach, they were asked to cease such activity.

There were also those who would walk up and down the beach ogling the coeds, it was near a college, but for the most part they were ignored.  The club I belong to, unfortunately, is a clothing optional club and there are, on occasion, those who sit fully clothed on the deck that overlooks the pool.  Their purpose seems to be to see as much naked flesh as they can, female flesh.  I keep saying I’m going to go stand right in front of them and ask if they are having a good day.

Here’s what I think about the words used describing the activities at Fire Island.

Who has determined what lewd and lascivious is?  There are activities that I would probably agree with as being lewd and lascivious.  I have also heard some say that just being naked in front of others is lewd and lascivious.  That means that when my wife comes in the bathroom while I’m in the shower, I am being lewd and lascivious.  Since we both sleep nude, we are both being L&L.

What I might call lewd and lascivious is probably far different that what others might.  In my book you have to be either engaged in some sexual activity, or acting in a way that suggests a sexual activity.  I know that’s pretty broad, but I think you get the idea.

Now, Exhibitionism?  If you are talking about engaging in sexual activity so that others can see you, that I would agree with.  If it means that you are showing parts of your body that are not normally shown in public at a nudist venue, doesn’t that sort of defeat the act?  I mean, If I flash you at a nudist camp or club, will you really care?  The answer is no.  I have to go somewhere that will shock people.

Voyeurism?  If this is meant to say that someone is watching others having sex, then yep, I think that’s a bad thing, at least in public.  If that’s what you want to do in the privacy of your home, then, whatever.  In public, nope.  If it means seeing naked people, then going to a nudist environment will certainly get you your jollies.

This is one of the main reasons I am against clothing optional.  It allows this to happen.  If everyone is expected to be nude, then the voyeur has to be naked too.  That defeats his (or her) purpose.  Sure, this is hard to control on a beach, but it can be done, at least to some extent.

Remember how I talked about the beach I used to go to?  There were occasions where obvious “lookers” would walk the beach.  They were booed as they walked by.  They would be made to feel so uncomfortable that they would leave.  Confronting those who would make what we like to enjoy can have its benefits!

I think it’s a shame that the beach is being closed.  That’s the problem with living in a society that sees nudity as evil and doing nothing about it!


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4 Responses to Nudists Given The Boot To Their Bare Butt On Fire Island Beach.

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  2. Al Mahany says:

    I will withhold my opinion here as it is of no usefulness (pro-naturist, oops did I say that?). But I do wish to offer a couple of comments. Firstly. lewd and lascivious, as defined by New York law, the law the Chief Ranger is relying on to make her case, is definitely not simple nudity. New York’s highest court, The Court Of Appeals, has ruled that way for over 100 years. “Nude is not lewd” is the mantra. Second ,I have heard of creative ways to get the voyeurs to leave,such as one lady loudly telling another that the voyeur’s anatomy must be very small and that is why he wears a bathing suit. And third there are nude required public beaches, just not in this country. Croatia has them.

  3. Vita Nuda says:

    So they closed Lighthouse Beach, What Now?? Come join us in the effort to raise some funds for The Naturist Action Committee and have our efforts consolidated as one and show them who the Real Lighthouse Beach Goers are!!

  4. cwm1955 says:

    Reblogged this on cwm1955's Blog and commented:
    Nudists given the boot ?

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