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Do You Worship God Naked?

It has been tradition in the Wiccan world to do ritual skyclad.  What is skyclad?  It means nekkid!  Now ritual is pretty much the same thing as what most people would think of as worship.  So hear’s the question. Do … Continue reading

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Why Paganism Is On The Rise

It seems that each day, I find more people coming to Paganism.  A recent article in the English newspaper The Guardian, stated that, at least in England, Paganism is on the rise.  They come in a variety of ideologies.  Some … Continue reading

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Is A New World View Really Possible?

As a Pagan and a naturist, I tend to see things a bit differently.  I have been reading some very interesting blogs and posts lately and It got me wondering. Is a new world view really possible? I don’t think … Continue reading

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What Does A Nudist Do When They’re Sick?

This morning I woke up with a terribly sore throat and the feeling that someone had left a cup and a half of mayonase in my sinuses. Too descriptive? Anyway, I felt aweful. What does a nudist do when they’re … Continue reading

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