What Does A Nudist Do When They’re Sick?

This morning I woke up with a terribly sore throat and the feeling that someone had left a cup and a half of mayonase in my sinuses. Too descriptive? Anyway, I felt aweful.

What does a nudist do when they’re sick?

I got out of bed and put on my bathrobe.  Normally I don’t.  I sleep nude and when I get up, I don’t dress until I have to leave the house. Not this morning!

Many non-nudists seem to think that we go naked all the time.  We’re nudists, not mentally challenged!

I felt bad and so I put something on.  I usually do my yoga first thing in the morning and I do it nude. Not this morning! Sweats today.

When my yoga was done, I had a cup of echinacea tea.  Since naturism is more than just chucking my clothes, I’m into using herbs and natural healing methods.  I’m a bit of a hedge witch I guess, but that’s another story.  The point is, I take care of myself.  I treat the illness.

Now I’m dressed warmly.  Even if the house is warm, I’m going to do everything I can to get rid of this cold as soon as I can. I may enjoy nudity, but I enjoy not being sick more!


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3 Responses to What Does A Nudist Do When They’re Sick?

  1. When your ill sometimes the clothes are no longer an option. If your looking for something really natural take a look at doterra.com for info on their essential oils or go to my web site http://www.mydoterra.com/kimmpfister. These are Certified Pure Theraputic Grade Essential oils. They work great and they are like us, natural.

  2. Zo thad wud you thad gabe be diz code! Thags a lod! Stuved ub ad aggie, tired ad gederally bizerable. You bed yur boods i’b drezzed ub warb ad comvy! I’b a dudist, nod ad idiod!

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