Do You Worship God Naked?

It has been tradition in the Wiccan world to do ritual skyclad.  What is skyclad?  It means nekkid!  Now ritual is pretty much the same thing as what most people would think of as worship.  So hear’s the question.

Do you worship God naked?

I’m not Wiccan, but I have been known to have my personal worship time skyclad.  It’s just me and my wife, and no one can see us.  Would I be okay with being with other folks dressed (or not) the same way?  I guess it would depend on the situation, but probably.  I mean, being a nudist, I have eaten with others naked, drank with others naked, swam with others naked, talked with others naked.  Worshipping with others naked doesn’t seem that far of a stretch.

In some nudist parks, they have worship services.  I’ve never attended one, and I probably wouldn’t, but only because I doubt they would be Pagan, probably Christian.  Here’s an example of one such service.

It does make me grin a bit to think of showing up at one of the local churches in my area in my birthday suit.  Something tells me I wouldn’t get in the front door.

The question is, why?

I know, morals and or modesty.  But really does the Divine care?

I belong to a Witch’s forum and there is a discussion on doing rites and rituals skyclad.  Surprisingly, many say they wouldn’t.  All the same body shame issues come up.  Some say that they think it would be an insult to the Divine to worship naked.  Really?

If I remember my creation story right, Adam and Eve were created naked and lived that way for some time.  The only reason they dressed was because they screwed up a good thing and got kicked out of the garden.  God gave them clothes as protection.  Never did God say that they were disgusting because they were naked.

So, what do you think?  Could you feel worshipful in the buff?  Do you think God(s) care if we are dressed or not?  Could you stand shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of naked people and say, “Praise the Lord?”


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20 Responses to Do You Worship God Naked?

  1. Erik says:

    God doesn’t care if you’re naked. This strikes me as one of the greatest biblical misinterpretations. In the story of Adam & Eve, God did not get mad at them because they were naked – he actually got mad that they covered up, which clued him in to the fact they ate from the tree of knowledge against his wishes. If God created everyone in His image, then why were Adam & Eve naked? If being naked is shameful, why didn’t God dress them before he set them loose in the Garden of Eden?

  2. I’m Wiccan and I have practiced rituals skyclad. When my children were present, I wore my robe. Not because I was embarrassed but because they were. I don’t think it really matters as long as you are comfortable enough to give your all to what you are doing.

    • Steve says:

      I agree, and I think you are right. The only thing I thought was sad about some saying they wouldn’t do ritual skyclad was the,” I don’t have the body for it,” or “Maybe if I lost thirty pounds,” type of comments. In your case, it was for the benefit of others, not because you thought you should look like some air brushed, photoshopped model.

  3. shimmeringblue says:

    I think the only thing that matters is that you are comfortable and able to concentrate. If being naked during ritual doesn;t affect that, then it’s okay. May even feel more ‘free’.

  4. Rick says:

    I generally do my personal yoga practice skyclad which includes my chants and my meditation. I see clothing as yet another barrier between me and the Divine, something else that contributes to the feeling of separateness.

  5. naturalian says:

    Yes, why not? God can see through your clothes, and when I am naked I feel closer because it’s how I was made. I have been to a nudist service and it did not bother me 1 bit, we were all praying and being at one with our Lord.

  6. John says:

    To be one with nature, or to be closer to the Creator, it is best felt in the nude. As the old saying goes, “If God meant for us to be nude, we’d be born that way!”.

    I find it interesting that we are seeing a lot of symbolism coming from the first hours of Pope Francis’ reign. The Catholic Church needs to take care of its tarnished image, and I wish him well.

    The story of St. Francis has always intrigued me. While praying in a small run-down church, St. Francis received a vision which said, “Francis, and repair my house, which as you see is falling into ruin.” St. Francis took God at his literal word, and embarked on a project to rebuild the physical church known as St. Damian. During this time, everyone thought he had gone mad. His former friends threw mud and rocks at him, and he was imprisoned. Francis was freed from imprisonment by his mother. He and his father then went to present their disagreement to the bishop. In a public display, Francis stripped naked on the steps of the Cathedral, and handed his father the clothes.

  7. Anja says:

    When working with fire and/or candles, naked is simply practical. Working outside in a minus 10 windchil, clothes are practical.

  8. I have nominated your blog for the Leibster Award, I hope you’ll accept. Please check out the instructions on my blog 🙂

  9. If your version of god would be insulted if you worshipped in the nude, then he/she really isn’t god at all, but a charlatan more interested in power and politics.

  10. Roxanne says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog, you have three of my five weirdnesses right in the title 🙂

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