World Record Skinny-Dip

Saturday, we went to the festivities at our local club.  Let me say right here that we had a great time.  I didn’t want to come home.  We talked on the way back about trying to get a place there so we could stay.  We could have camped, but didn’t bring our stuff.

World record skinny-dip

The main event was, of course the world record skinny-dip.  Our club is small and so I think the best we have ever done was about one hundred fifty.  The weather here Saturday was not the most promising, with dark foreboding black clouds and temps in the seventies.  

Turn out wasn’t the best.

We managed to get one hundred and ten in the pool.  While we waited for the camera man to get set up we were batting three big beach balls around.  The wind was blowing hard enough that somebody had to keep getting out of the pool to retrieve them.  I don’t know about anybody else, but I was having a great time.  The water was warm and there was great conversation when you weren’t getting hit with a beach ball.

The only bummer was that the luau didn’t include any vegetarian options so we had to bring what we would eat and that meant that we were away from the fun for a bit stuffing our faces.

We met a couple and started talking with them.  It was great conversation and we came away feeling like we had new friends.  The woman loves the sauna and so do I so we sat in there and sweated away, talking about all kinds of things.  Her partner and mine sat by the pool, where they didn’t feel like they were being roasted alive, and talked about how silly we were.  At least that’s what I suspect!

They invited us to dinner, but we were going to the renaissance fair the next day and knew that we really needed to head home.  Of course we also missed the dance.  I would have loved to stay, but home and bed were calling me.

One thing about the day made me wonder and we talked about it on the way home.  Several people refused to get in the pool for the skinny-dip and some that did, turned around when the picture was taken.  I do understand about having some fear of others discovering that you are a nudist.  I had a job once that I was not anxious to have them find out about me.

The thing that makes me wonder a bit is how will we ever bring nudism out of the closet if we never own up to it?  There has never been a group of people that wanted to be seen as viable parts of society that didn’t have to finally stand up and say, “I’m here and I’m proud of it.”  Think of African Americans in the sixties. think of gays in the last ten years or so.  We will never become recognized and a healthy part of society as long as we hang back or hide in the closet.


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  2. John says:

    I’m currently amongst the unemployed, so I have a some time on my hands and thought I would add my two-cents.

    For many years, my wife and I went to one of the local clubs every weekend. We met many nice and interesting people there. One couple that we befriended, we found out, only lived about ten minutes from our home….even though the club is about a forty-five minute drive from here. We got together for cards and dinner on many a weeknight.

    One Sunday afternoon at the club pool, I asked Bob where his wife was that weekend. I fully expected him to say that she had to work. His response? She saw someone she recognized from work when they drove their motor home onto the club grounds Friday evening, and she refused to leave the motor home fearing that co-worker would see her!

    This same couple did not tell their grown children where they spent their weekends. I argued this point with them many times, to no avail. Imagine someone you know spending every weekend going somewhere or doing something that they never shared with you. You’d feel that their activity, no matter how sound, was wrong only because they had been so secretive about it.

    My wife and I were quite open about how we spent our weekends with friends, neighbors and family. It is far better to say, “We’re going to (insert club name here) for the weekend. We’re going to swim in the pool, play some volleyball, do some hiking and soak in the hot tub. We’ll probably have some nice meals at the club restaurant, too. You know (club name here), don’t you? We’re nudists. We’d love to have you join us sometime!” than to keep it some dark, forbidden secret.

    For many years, I have had a photograph displayed here in my study, It’s a photo of about 150 of us taken at a Naturist Gathering about twenty years ago. We are both very proud of the photo, and it offers a great opportunity to discuss naturism with first-time visitors to our home.

    The young woman that house-sat for us on the weekends we went to club was very interested. She had never experienced it. We let her borrow some naturist magazines, and she talked it over with her husband. They visited our club on a weekday. Sadly, he was not comfortable with it, but at least he tried it.

    It’s only when we, as nudists, become more open of the pure joy that this lifestyle offers, that we can convince our clothed friends, neighbors, co-workers and families that some of the misunderstandings about our happy, healthy and morally sound living will be removed.

    • Steve says:

      Thanks, John, for your story. It saddens me to think of your friends wife being so afraid when she saw someone from work. If they were there, then they shouldn’t have a problem with it! It’s like my wife and I were commenting on having our picture taken for the skinny-dip. It isn’t like they are publishing the photo to the New York Times or anything. It’s going in the AANR newsletter, maybe in the TNS magazine. So who might be looking at the photo? Nudists! They don’t care.

      We love the freedom and the relaxation that nudism offers. We also love how so many of the people are so much friendlier than those you might meet at a regular campground. When you’re nude, you have nothing to hide!

      Yes, we have to be more outgoing and even assertive with who and what we are!

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