Why I Hate NickMom’s Nudist Episode

Yesterday I read a post by Felicity Jones of YNA.  It was an interview with Andrea Rosen from NickMom.  I had never heard of the show before.  Apparently it is about this young mom talking to other young moms about raising children.  One episode she did was about raising children in a naturist environment.  You can see the interview and the video here.

Why I hate NickMom’s nudist episode.

Ms. Rosen visited Sunny Rest Nudist Resort in Pennsylvania.  I’ve never been there, but it looks like a wonderful place.  It’s on my list of places to go.

Ms. Rosen went to the resort and did manage to take her top off, but stuck with her bloomers below.  For the video, she is nearly always covered, which is to be expected, although a bit of editing could have taken care of any censor problems.  She interviews various people including a couple of sisters who were raised nudist.

The whole thing falls apart at the end.

One of the last people she talks to is a young mom who goes on to say that she doesn’t want to be around or see her child naked when they are older.


At least for me, the point of naturism is to promote a healthy body image.  That does not sound like a healthy body image.  That sounds to me like not be able to get past the whole “naked equals sex” thing.

At the end, Ms. Rosen says she hopes her son doesn’t grow up to be a nudist, as if there is something inherently wrong with it.  Wow!  Thanks for the shot!

I did not raise my children naturist.  I would have, but my spouse was just not in that place then.  Now we talk about how we wish we had.  We would love our kids to join us now, but they have the body shame issues that most Americans have.  They weren’t raised with the openness of nudism.

When I go to our local club, I watch the kids at play around the pool area and elsewhere.  They seem unconcerned that they are naked and don’t seem to notice that anyone else is.  There is a young lady about twelve who is frequently there and she seems completely unconcerned that she is entering puberty.  She stands straight and tall even thought she is beginning to develop breasts.

There are a couple of young boys who are around the same age.  The play in the pool and I have never once seen them looking at all the naked female flesh available to their eyes.  They just don’t seem to care.  When I was their age, my eyes would have popped out of their sockets trying to see all that!

Everywhere I have gone and seen young people, they seem very well adjusted and completely unconcerned about their or anyone’s nudity.  Teen boys without raging erections.  Teen girls standing with good posture instead of trying to cave in on themselves hiding what their bodies are doing.

If this is what Ms. Rosen wants to protect her son, and apparently other children from, then I don’t understand it at all!


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6 Responses to Why I Hate NickMom’s Nudist Episode

  1. Reblogged this on home clothes free and commented:
    Very good post

  2. sassycoupleok says:

    Very well written and you make very valid points. Baffling to us what they (parents) are protecting these children from. Children are curious, as you stated when exposed to simple nudity at younger ages they accept it as normal which it is. However once the child is older and the hormones have set in, exposure to simple nudity then is far more sexual to them. We have seen with it our grandchildren at our house. We have a huge Jacuzzi tub which they all like to get in, nude of course. Once they get out they run through the house nude until their parents put a stop to it which of course ends their innocent fun. It’s a real shame.

    • Steve says:

      And what is the point of the parents putting a stop to the nude fun? I would guess it is to ease their own uncomfortable feeling with and about the body. They certainly aren’t helping the children!

  3. nudeyman says:

    When I ask people who are against children seeing naked adults what damage will result to the child they can’t answer except top say “because you just don’t do it!” but when I keep pressing them & asking them further they get frustrated….

    The thing is stuck in their heads because their parents handed down these ideas, which may be rooted in religious or other belifs, but the fact is children couldn’t care less unless an adult has put it in their heads that it is wrong…

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