Going On a Naturist Vacation

Today we head for Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park.  It’s not quite five AM and I’m up and excited.  It’s raining, but that doesn’t stop me from being pumped about going.  We’re going on a naturist vacation!

There are certain advantages to a naked vacation.

If, and I do mean if, it’s raining when we get to Bare Oaks, setting up the tent in the rain while naked is no big deal.  I mean, if I get wet, so what.  I don’t have to line dry my clothes, there won’t be any!

The temps look like they may be lower than what I would prefer.  That’s the one negative to going to a naturist camp.  If the temps are low, then I’m going to be dressed, at least partially.  If that’s the case, then why go to a naturist place?

One of the things I like about Bare Oaks is that it has some great amenities.  If the week turns out to be less than optimal, then I spend more time in the sauna and hot tub.  That’s a hardship I think I may be able to endure.

Another advantage of going on a naked vacation is the amount of packing one has to do; at least in the clothing department.  We are each taking a backpack and both of them are only half full.  A sweatshirt, in case it stays chilly, a nicer shirt, in case we go out to eat.  A towel to sit on and one to dry off with when taking showers and swimming.

What do you like about going on a naturist vacation?  Do you like the people you meet?  Do you like the fact that for whatever time you are gone, you just don’t have to worry about getting dressed?  What is it?


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4 Responses to Going On a Naturist Vacation

  1. Reblogged this on home clothes free and commented:
    Since Bare Oaks isn not clothing optional but nude required makes sense not to take any more clothes than you need to stay warm when it is cold.

  2. jcw1957 says:

    I hope you are having a good time on holiday. We have not been to Bare Oaks, but maybe after we are retired we can take a leisurely drive up the East Coast and spend some time at other nudist parks along the way.

    I’ve subscribed to the Bare Oaks podcast since almost the beginning. Every month, an interesting and thought-provoking podcast. It is one podcast that I always listen to. (The ‘Sunshine & Vitamin D’ and ‘Family Vacation at Cypress Cove’ as well as the ‘Christianity & Naturism’ episodes rank among my very favorites.)

    There were several times we went on naturist holiday for a long holiday weekend and a couple of times we went to Club Orient for a week. Both times we went to Club Orient, we came home with MORE luggage than what we went with. (Purchasing pareos, tee shirts, coffee mugs, etc!!)…and we never left Club Orient during our stays!

    Several times when we went to Cypress Cove and Lake Como (here in Florida), for long four day weekends, the “luggage” consisted of one set of clean clothes for each of us and toiletries. They all fit in one small bag!

    The last time we visited Cypress Cove, we brought our dog and we joked HE had more “luggage” than us. (HIS food, HIS food bowl, HIS water bowl, HIS crate, HIS toys, HIS license….)

    Looking forward to reading your report about your holiday at BARE OAKS!!

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