Naked in My Own House

Just today I had another incident of being caught naked in my own house.  During the summer, I spend most of my time naked while indoors.  My yard is not private and so I must dress to go outside, but inside I am as God created me.

Who’s fault?

I am a writer and like to write in comfort.  That means without clothes, at least while the weather is warm.  I don’t really have an office so I write on the couch, at the kitchen table, on the deck in warm weather, wherever the mood strikes me.  I try to keep some sort of covering in the same room with me


I live is a small community.  It is the habit of friends and family to knock, maybe, and walk in.  I used to live in LA and it wasn’t done there, but here in upstate NY we don’t stand on formalities.  That’s why I try to keep something nearby.

Today, I was sitting on my towel on the couch writing away.  Someone came to the door and I was in the middle of a sentence.  I took the few seconds to finish the sentence and then reached for my wrap.  By then, the person was walking in the door with me clearly visible.

I’m not ashamed of my body and it is my house.  I got the wrap around me, but I wasn’t panicked and I didn’t act as if there was anything wrong.  I just covered up for my guest.  Apparently it wasn’t fast enough or good enough.

“Didn’t you hear me knock?” my guest said.

“Yep,” I replied

I felt like saying, “Look, it’s my house.  I’m a nudist.  If you don’t want to see me naked, then call ahead or wait until I answer the door.”

The person in question knows about my nudist sentiments.  Why would they think it strange that I might be naked in my own house?  If people call ahead, I make sure I have my bits covered.  All it takes is a call.

I used to run for the hills when someone knocked at the door.  It was as if I felt ashamed of who I am and my nudist leanings.  I finally figured out that it isn’t me that is confused about their body, it’s the other person.  They are the one with the body shame and hang-ups, not me.  Why should I be the one doing the hiding?

I try to be considerate of others, but in my own house, to quote Popeye, I yam what I yam.


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10 Responses to Naked in My Own House

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    Yes that’s a good read and yes it’s your house why should you have to cover or be the one feeling shame.. We feel the same way. Last week I was in the garage, big door up, doing a couple chores. Wife was gone so one bay is open, I’m nude of course, working but actually in front of the other vehicle. A sales guy hears me as he is leaving the neighbors front door, walks across the his lawn into my garage. Says hello much to my surprise but I walk out fully frontal nude and say hello in response as if nothing is amiss, which in our opinion there is not. Because I was calm and acted normally he did much the same, we talked about 10 mins before he dismissed himself without ever a word about my nudity.

    • Steve says:

      It actually happened a second time today. Right after the post, someone else came to the door. I guess it’s the day for me to flash people. Oh well!

  2. Roxanne says:

    This reminds me of the time when I was ranting to my mom about my hubby’s mom. I said: “I was so mad mom! She came to our house, which is awesome of her to come help us out a bit, but then when she saw my boys sitting naked in front of the TV, she said ‘Oh! Put some clothes on, I don’t want to see your naked bits!’ I almost growled, but I held it back, but seriously mom, that would be exactly the same as if I walked into her house and said ‘Oh! Go take your clothes off! I don’t want to see you cover your body!’ Grr!” To which my mom rolled her eyes and changed the subject. She doesn’t get it. NO ONE gets it! We are nudists, and in OUR home, if we are naked and you come over, don’t try to shame us into covering up. Don’t get me wrong, we will because we don’t want to cause drama and conflict, BUT that does not give anyone the right to insist that we get clothes on because they don’t like nudity. I’m getting to the point where I don’t even want to try being polite about it. Walk in on me naked? Oh well, too bad for you! lol 😀

    • Steve says:

      Many people don’t get it. That’s sad to me. They accept a way of life that is forced on them and refuse to see a different way. To me, that way is about freedom and health. Why they would want to turn their backs on that is beyond me.

  3. I agree, if your in your own home and others walk in on you they shouldn’t be bothered by your nudity. It’s your house, and you can live how you want. We have a sign on our front door that says nudist zone, ring doorbell twice if your comfortable with nudity and we won’t bother getting dressed. Our mail lady rings it twice, as do most friends.

  4. Paul says:

    You have to laugh. I agree that if you act naturally with no hint of shame many will just ignore the fact that you’re naked. A couple of years back a young gal collecting signatures and donations for Greenpeace caught me in a moment when I had nothing to cover up. For a brief moment I thought of ducking for cover, but my sensibilities took hold. I stood there with her just inside the doorway, naked as the day I was born and listened to her pitch, gave her a check and she took leave. She only made one comment the whole time “don’t worry, I don’t mind”. Wouldn’t be nice if more people “didn’t mind”.

    • Steve says:

      I had a guy today handing our religious tracts. I thought it a shame that I was outside unloading the car and was dressed. It would have cut the conversation short, I bet.

  5. Melvin says:

    Yeah twice today people arrive at our home one was a worker checking leaks for the natural gas that goes to the house but to do that he need to get behind the wood fence I didn’t know he was there until I walked out my shop door. I showed him he done his job and was on his way. Later I was sitting at my sewing machine with the shop door open and in walked a friend that I worked with years ago it caught him off guard. Stated his business then I showed him the backyard and garden. Couple days before a women UPS driver dropped off a package in very shy way when she looked inside the shop and I was working without clothing I told her thanks and continued working.

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