Living the Nudist Life

Yesterday, my wife and I went to our club, Empire Haven.  The weather was perfect and we had a great time.  As usual we spent most of our time hanging out around the pool.  Is that a poor choice of words?  Anyway, I kept thinking how wonderful it felt to be there.  I love living the nudist life.

I’m sure there are many different reasons why people enjoy living the nudist life.

For me it is all about freedom and relaxation.

I know I can’t do it justice, but when I am at our club, or some other naturist venue, I get this deep down feeling of freedom.  It is a freedom to be who I am, and a freedom to allow others to be who they are.  There is no clothing to say “I’m a doctor,” or “I’m a dock worker.”  When we are living the nudist life, we are all just human beings and we are unafraid to acknowledge that fact.  We all have flaws and no one is perfect, and that’s fine.

I hate being told what to do or what to think.  I know, I have problems with authority.  When I’m naked with others who are naked, I feel a sense of rightness.  We can vary in our opinions and outlooks, but we are naked and not only vulnerable, but respectful of each other.  If nothing else we have living the nudist life in common.

I said I also feel relaxed.

My wife and I were talking and I said how relaxed I felt.  She said that she could feel just as relaxed on a beach, but then said that she wasn’t sure that was true.  She would have to wear a suit.  I know it’s not true for me!  I love being outdoors, but being outdoors nude is a whole other story.  There seems to be a connection with the earth and nature that I just don’t get, wearing a swim suit.  Maybe it’s a primal feeling, or maybe it’s the way we are really meant to be.  I don’t know.  I just know that I feel a sense of peace that I feel nowhere else.  It makes living the nudist life all worth it!

There is also one other aspect, but this could be most anywhere…maybe.

We were in the pool for one last dip before we had to head home late in the day.  A family came to the pool.  It consisted of a mother, her son, about ten, and a daughter, about seven.  We all splashed around for a bit when suddenly the daughter swam up to us and asked if we would like to play monkey in the middle with her.  We said sure, and spent the next half hour playing.

I said that this could happen almost anywhere, but I have to say, in my experience, that nudists seem more outgoing and friendly than other folks.  I know this is a generality, but it does seem that way.  This little girl was certainly not shy!

Living the nudist life, she was not concerned about her nudity, or that of my wife or mine.  We weren’t naked people, we were just people.  We were people who played monkey in the middle with her.  Perhaps, as she starts puberty and begins her bodily change from a girl to a woman, she will get body shame and not be so free.  I hope that isn’t true.  At the moment, it was a wonderful experience that I will remember for a long time.

I hope I never stop living the nudist life!


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2 Responses to Living the Nudist Life

  1. Melvin says:

    To use it is more than a life style.
    “Without Clothing”
    When we connect without clothing through our senses–sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch–we can be one with the creator.
    Being without clothing is a deeply spiritual experience that allows us to submit to the creator and feel fully alive, awake, humble, sensual and ecstatic!
    It can help us to achieve a wonderful state of connectedness and peace, allowing the flow of our vital life-force energy. 
    In the context of connecting deeply with the creator and with our true selves, being without clothing can free up our energies to fully integrate with the universe, of which we are a part.

    To truly be without clothing is to be totally unconstrained and to be at one with the creator.
    The fact that human beings without clothes are called ‘Naked’ isn’t correct, human beings without artificial covering are just Human Beings like a horse is a Horse, cat is a Cat.

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