Tears of a Nudist

As we drove out of the gate to our local club yesterday, I felt a bit of a lump in my throat.  The season here in upstate NY is almost over and our club will be closing next weekend.  The pool will be shut down tomorrow.  I wondered how many others across the country will have the tears of a nudist.

I know that there are places around the country that will stay open.  There are plenty in the south, but for this part of the country, we are done.  Our club won’t open again until next May and I know many others do about the same.

Can I still be nude?  Sure, I can be nude in the house all I want.  I probably will be until the weather turns really cold.  Then, even though we keep the heat up a bit, it will just be too chilly to be naked for extended periods of time.  There is a local non landed club, NaturistRochester, that we can visit and we may do that this year.  That is about our only hope. Can you see those tears of a nudist?

We love the nudist life and hate to see the season end.  Sometimes it seems so long until spring comes again.  None of our close friends are nudists, so home visits are not looming on the horizon.  We do have some friends who are naturists, but they live too far away to travel the icy roads to visit.

I know some people who head south for the winter.  That sounds great except for the fact that if you are still working a nine to five, then time and money are limited.  There are others who go to clubs that remain open all year, but it gets a bit chilly laying out by the pool in twenty degree weather.  That’s Fahrenheit.  Talk about tears of a nudist!  If it were Celsius it would be fine!

What do you do?

I’d love to hear what you do.  Not only will it inspire me, it may inspire others too.  Give us some ideas to keep our nudism alive and well through the winter.  No more tears of a nudist.


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8 Responses to Tears of a Nudist

  1. Reblogged this on home clothes free and commented:
    I am fortunate the place I go to is open year round

  2. Robert Shelby Blaisdell says:

    I do nude indoor Yoga with members of our naturist group..

  3. Melvin says:

    Spend the winter here in Montana tanning hides in the shop where it needs to be 80 degrees to get them to dry so I just through on another stick of wood. All the friends we have know that when they arrive at the shop I will be without clothes.

    • Steve says:

      I know how that goes. I worked in a large tannery for about fifteen years. We made automotive leather. It could get right toasty! They didn’t let me go naked though. 🙂

  4. Roxanne says:

    Here in Minnesota, it’s just about as cold as it can get during the winter AND the campground/resorts close on Oct. 1st 😦 We do have two landed club options in MN, but they are both so far from us that we can’t go to them on any sort of regular basis. There isn’t a non-landed club here in St. Cloud either 😥 so I don’t have any sort of social nudity setting. I do have a couple of friends that come over from time to time that get naked with us, and on the rare occasion, we are invited to a clothing optional party 🙂
    Other than than, nothing! SO – with that in mind – I am going to look into the local law making process for my city and see how easy it might be to propose a law that will allow either A: women to go topless in the city if they so choose OR B: one park or perhaps an area of each park in the city to be clothing optional in a FAMILY way so that hopefully families will actually take advantage of that 🙂
    And if that doesn’t work… well I guess I could always try founding a non-landed club and organizing gatherings, lol!

    • Grayhawk says:

      I’ve thought of starting a non landed club, but where I live, the only reason most folk “git nekkid” is to take their Saturday bath. 🙂 Besides that, there is no near enough. We have never gone, but we could.

  5. Small Change says:

    The clubs in SW Ohio are also pretty much closed for the season. But during the winter, I love a nice hot fire in the fireplace!

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