Getting Naked Feels So Damned Good

I just spent four days with my brother and sister-in-law.  They are not nudists but are very conservative Republican Christians.  I don’t mean that as a slam, (well, not a big slam, maybe a little one) but what I mean is that I’m not sure they disrobe to shower.  At night, I would go into my guest room and get ready for bed.  I sleep nude, of course.  I would get naked and just stand there for a few minutes.

Getting naked feels so damned good!

I have read countless posts and comments by people who say that they feel uncomfortable naked.  I wonder if they feel like their insides my fly out if clothing isn’t there to hold it in.  They say that they feel exposed while naked.

Well, duh!  You are exposed, ya ijut!  And it feels damned nice!

I love the feel of the air on my skin, all of it.  I love the feel of the sun on me. (something that was missing in the guest room!)  I love the feeling of freedom to be who I am and accept others while in a social nudist setting.

I don’t understand how others feel uncomfortable.

Well, that’s not true.  I do know.  They feel ashamed.  They feel ashamed because someone told them that the human body is a bad thing and must be covered at all times.  They feel ashamed that they don’t look like the movie stars and models.

Of course, the movie stars and models don’t look like that either.  That’s the beauty of photoshop, computer photography, and air brushing.

If they only understood how wonderful it feels and is, there would be no laws against public nudity.  I wouldn’t have to get dressed to go to the grocery store in a few minutes.  It is just a shame that they can’t understand.  Maybe someday.  Until then, I’ll have to be content to stand in the guest room for a few minutes.


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8 Responses to Getting Naked Feels So Damned Good

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    We so agree !! It’s just wrong to dress to just run a letter to a drop box or to go thru the bank drive by or any other car related errand. We are nude 90% of the time at home, so much so we are venturing more and more outdoors nude during the day and even answering the door nude. We are in our home, on our land, why should we have to be clothed for others. It is after all their option to look or not. The truth is most choose to look, because they want to look, they want to see even though they will say otherwise. It is human nature to be a voyeur to varying degrees. We had a female house guest Sunday night Monday morning . I went thru my normal routine, getting up nude, going for the newspaper, empting the dishwasher and fixing coffee. She awoke and came to the kitchen while I was going thru the process. Yes she saw me totally nude and we chatted for a while. Was she offended or surprised ? No. She knows we are nudist, so do most neighbors and friends. So when we are nude in their presence there is no shock or dismay, just the occasional glance at our areas but we enjoy that as well.

  2. B. Shannon says:

    Great blog, VNP.

    Peace ~ Bear

  3. Reblogged this on home clothes free and commented:
    This is so true thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for the clothes free life.

  4. Roxanne says:

    I know how you feel! Whenever I go to my moms for the weekend, I absently scratch and pull at my clothes because I don’t like wearing them, lol!
    I can’t find anyway to email or contact you in private, so can you email me or give me your email address? I’d like to make a suggestion 🙂
    Thank you!

  5. Gregory Heath says:

    You know what ? I am a Very Conservative Republican Christian ! To be quite honest I hate both parties. Politics is a scam…. oh..yeah.. And I am a Christian Naturist. I am not ashamed of my body. Sure ! it’s not perfect, but Biblically there is nothing wrong with being nude and loving and following Christ. Nudity that is. I separate Nudity and Sex. I am married and enjoy my wife only. I DO love the feeling of the sun on my body and the wind on my derriere. So Cheers. Made me laugh when you said your inlaws are so uptight. :))

    • Steve says:

      It is wonderful to hear of your experience and your point of view. In my experience, you are unique. Not many feel the same and that is a shame. You are so right about there being nothing biblically wrong with being nude.

      I wonder how your wife feels about your naturism. Does she join in? Is she understanding?

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