Little Naked Time This Winter!

I have been gone a long time from this site. The winter here, as in most places in the US, has been brutal. There was little naked time this winter! There certainly was no outside naked time and inside wasn’t much better. With temps is the single digits and howling winds, the thermostat had to be set so high my gas bill would have looked like the national debt!


Not only that, but I had total knee replacement surgery in February. Having my knee swollen to twice its size for a few weeks was not conducive to nude time either. I also had to wear these white support hose that were thigh high. I would have looked like I was trying for the sexy nurse look or something.

The thing that bums me out is that in about another week, I have to have the other knee done. Now I’m happy to get it fixed so I can walk without pain again. The thing is those damned white stockings! I will have to wear them until late June. Can you imagine sitting around the pool with everything bare except for those support hose?

Maybe I’m too vain! I think of people with real handicaps who are out there with no embarrassment and it shames me and my little white stockings. I think they just blushed too! Still, I don’t want someone thinking I’m going for the kinky look either. I’ll just wait, which means that here in upstate New York, I will miss about half of the season.

Oh well, the way this year is shaping up weather wise, I might not miss much anyway. This time last year I was out on my deck laying in the sun. I’d freeze my bits off this year!

Hope to post again in a more timely fashion.


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2 Responses to Little Naked Time This Winter!

  1. Happy Bare says:

    I too am scheduled for surgery. Going to loose some naked time this year. I’m in Montreal.

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