Naked Weekend

This summer has not been good, so far, for my nudist adventures. I’ve mentioned more times than necessary about my knee surgery. I’ve also whined about the weather. Things changed this last weekend. It was a naked weekend!

Unfortunately, we still haven’t gone to our club or any other. However, the weather was wonderful this last weekend and we spent most of it free from the encumbrances of clothing. We even got some outside time, although that was limited and very cautious as we can be seen by both neighbors.

We recently refinished our wood floors in the house. There was some minor stuff to do to finish that up. By the time we got going, it was already in the low to mid eighties. Naked weekend had begun!

I know I’m a bit strange, but there is something decadently wonderful about wearing my tool belt and nothing else. There were thresholds to replace and furniture to fix and move.

Both the wife and I were reluctant to don those horrid pieces of material in the late afternoon, but we had company coming over and they are NOT nudists. I did slip in a little attempt to convert them, but they are not in the least interested.

As soon as they left, we were out on our deck naked, having a glass of wine. Our deck can be seen by the neighbors, but not at night if we turn the lights off. The stars were glorious and the gentle warm breeze was fabulous!

Sunday morning came around and, once again, we didn’t bother dressing once out of bed. The weather was still warm and the naked weekend had to be honored! As most of you know, we are Pagan in our spirituality and so we wanted to do our worship time outside. Since we can be seen, we dressed as lightly as possible and sat on our patio and did our thing. Once that was done, we came in for breakfast and naked cooking was observed. Well, I did wear and apron for some of it.

This morning the wife had to go to work, I’m retired, and I thought she might cry having to put on clothes. I don’t think she had ten minutes before she had to go out the door when she finally got dressed. I had to watch our grandson so I put on a pair of shorts. The DIL knows about our nudism and would love to join in, but our son is not. I don’t want problems, so I’m dressed whenever the DIL is around. Once the grandson was out the door, the shorts came off and haven’t been on since. The DIL wasn’t even out of the drive before I was happily nude again!

Hopefully there will be a time for us to get reunited with our club, but I know there are many more naked weekends before the snow starts to fly again.


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