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The Naked Pagan Story

I’ve told you a bit about my naturist tendencies, and a bit about my vegan journey.  I think it’s time to tell you about my being Pagan.  Just a little. I won’t go into all the gory details, but I … Continue reading

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Why Am I Vegan?

I have to preface this post with saying that I have only been vegan, as of this writing, for not quite three weeks.  I’m such a newbie that I get lost in the health section of the grocery store.  I … Continue reading

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Breasts, Tits, My God, They’re Everywhere!

This isn’t something I would normally write about because the subject is a non-subject to me, but then again, I guess not.  It’s about breasts, you know, tits. My wife came home from work yesterday and said she was disappointed … Continue reading

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Storms and Being Caught Buck Naked

Today, two things kept me from being in my most favorite state of undress. The first one was the sudden appearance of my son, DIL, and their little boy.  Now this is going to sound strange to you perhaps, but … Continue reading

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Welcome To Vegannakedpagan

Well, here we both are.  I’m starting a blog that I never thought I would start and you’re reading it because you stumbled across it and wondering what the hell this is all about. Vegannakedpagan is about changes.  I’m a … Continue reading

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